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  • Hello everyone, my name is Xinrui Liu. I’m a students from The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, Beijing. I’m a student who have great interest in biology especially things to do with genes. I have always wanted to know how the little genes can determine our whole body. By taking iGEM I learn more things about biology and how gene technology works.

  • Hi everyone! My name is Elleen Xue and I’m a senior at Blair Academy. I grew up in Connecticut, but I spend most of my summers in Shanghai. I’m a lacrosse player, classics enthusiast, and cellist. Above all, I’m interested in medicine, specifically neurosurgery and reconstructive surgery.

  • My name is Su Chang, and I come from the International Department of Hefei No.1 Middle School. I am very interested and passionate about biological genetic engineering, and I hope to make contributions in this field. I am a warm and cheerful person, and I also have many hobbies. Nice to meet you all.

  • Haobo is a senior studying at the Cambridge School of Weston. Having been exposed to various cultures, including Uyghur, Mongolian, Wu, and American, he keenly recognizes the significance of diversity, equity, and inclusion. In his free time, he is a scientific social justice activist, enjoys cross country, and loves animals.

  • I’m glad to introduce myself. My name is Wang Xuantong. I’m from Shenzhen. It is my pleasure to participate in iGEM 2021 and join WorldShaper Shanghai. All members of our team are high school students from different areas who have passion for biology. I hope that with the joint efforts of all of us working together and helping each other, we can achieve great results.

  • I'm Wu Youyang from Living Word Shanghai. In order to improve my learning ability and knowledge reserve, I joined IGEM. In the team, I was responsible for each platform and publicity part. I hope that in the study, our team can achieve excellent results and increase more experience in biology.

  • Hi, I'm Chang Huang from Shanghai Weiyu International School I'm interested in many subjects, especially biology. To further study this subject, I joined this IGEM team. In this team, I worked on the experiments, editing videos and taking charge of the social survey. I am glad to be given the opportunity to show my abilities and gain knowledge by attending IGEM.

  • My name is Wu Yiwen. I am the student of grade 11 in Shanghai Pinghe School. I add into this Igem team due to my interest on biological engineering. After this experience, I found out that lots of things about biology is still unknown to me. I am perfectly interested in doing some more research in these area.

  • My name is Lyu Jiawen. I'm fond of Biology. I'm the team leader of Worldshaper_Shanghai. I participate in wet lab, wiki making, and model building. With this project, I have a more comprehensive understanding of molecular genetics, while I also become more skilled at experimenting.

  • Hello everyone, I’m Enola yufan. I am an carbon based creature living on the earth and also a struggling IBer. One of my lifelong task is fulfill my curiosity about the world through observing. Looking forward to meet ya~

  • I’m YanYuheng, You can call me Steven. I’m studying in WLSA Shanghai Academy, I am Biology class representative, and I like subjects related to biology. I am a outgoing boy with strong communicating ability. My division of labor in the team is: doing experiments, social surveys and hardware installations.

  • My name is Xingjian Zhu. I am coming from Ningbo, Zhejiang province, and I study in Ningbo Foreign Language School. Ningbo's Beilun port has the largest container throughput in the world. I am glad to participate in this activity. I believe I will learn alot from experimental operation and make some contributions to the development of the world.

  • My name is Yanwen Ding, a high school student in Grade 11. In the WSH2021 team, I mainly take part in the advertising and experiment groups. Biology is my favorite subject and, thanks to iGEM, I got the chance to actually experience doing experiments in a professional laboratory and found myself enjoying it.

  • My name is Haoran(Alex) Wang. I am a senior at St.George's School, RI. Fascinated by the field of molecular biology, I joined Worldshaper-Shanghai to explore further. During my spare times, I like to play and listen to jazz. I also love to play basketball.

  • Hi, I’m Amanda (Xiaoyang) Wang from Needham and Shanghai. Intrigued by the relationship between science and society, I dedicate my time and effort to applying science to real life and often challenge myself to create innovative solutions to problems in the society.

  • Ruyi Shi, PI Ph.D. in Bio-system Engineering, Zhejiang University. Dr. Ruyi Shi is the PI of our team, who is responsible for the guidance of scientific research methods and the work of dry team.

  • Xixi Song, Secondary PI Biological instructor of Worldshaper Academy. She graduated from Chinese Academy of Forestry and good at molecular biology especially in stress resistance functional genomics . Now She is responsible for iGEM project design and project guidance.

  • Lei Xue, Team instructor Dr. Lei Xue obtained his BS from Beijing University, Ph. D from University of Zurich, received Postdoctoral training at Yale Medical School, and currently serves as a professor in Molecular Genetics at Tongji University. He has used Drosophila as a model organism to study the genetic mechanism of tumor progression and Alzheimer's disease.

  • Chenglin Li, Team advisor A doctoral student in Tongji University, Shanghai, China. I mainly major in biology, especially genetics. I focus on the molecular and genetic mechanism of tumorigenesis and the molecular mechanism of Alzheimer's disease with Drosophila. With regard to my character, I have good communicative skill and strong team spirit which will be a great help for me to be a advisor.

  • Xinyue Sun,Team advisor Xinyue Sun, in the second year of master's degree in Biology from Tongji University. I majored in biotechnology as an undergraduate and master's major is genetics and signaling Pathway


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