We have collaborated with iBowu-China, ASTWS-China, Worldshaper_Nanjing, IvyMaker-China, ZJU-China, Jilin_China, BS_United_China, BJEA_China, and NMU_China. We collaborated with them through meetup, expert interview and a series of popular science publicity activities. We have also conducted in-depth and continuous cooperation with NEFU_China, please click partnership page for more details.

Fig.1 All our partners

Host on online meetup with iBowu-China, ASTWS-China, Worldshaper_Nanjing

We planned an online meetup with three iGEM teams. Rather than let each team introduce the project, we prefer to take the aspects concerned by all teams as the theme. Finally, the four teams decided to discuss hardware and human practice together. Then we discussed and designed specific meetup schemes and processes. In addition, each of our host teams is inviting other iGEM teams to participate. Finally, NMU-China and NNU-China were invited to the meetup,we also invited Asian iGEM Ambassador Zhandong Jiao as our guest. Although the projects of all teams are different, we have obtained a lot of experience and information about implementation and human practice. We realized that in order to extend our Drosophila drug model to the company, we must obtain the needs of the market and understand how to apply for patents.

Host online livestream with IvyMaker-China, ASTWS-China, Worldshaper_Nanjing

With the help of Woldshaper-Nanjing, ASTWS-China, and IvyMaker-China, we successfully held an online live event on Bilibili (an online video platform). We are all unfamiliar with speaking on the live platform, because BiliBili's live software can't support multiple people who are not together to speak at the same time. So we thought of another way -- use Tencent conference to gather everyone, and then use Bilibili platform to share the screen. After testing, we firmly believed that this method is feasible. In addition, we also discussed how to prepare publicity courseware and interact with the audience. Finally, our activity attracted many strangers with interesting topics.

Fig.2 Joint live Streaming On Bilibili

Post online promotion videos with several teams

On August 27th ,our team posted the promotion video about the background knowledge of projects on our Bilibili official account. Collaboration with other three teams, we edit the four videos into one complete video. The name of the other three teams are respectively Jilin_China, BS_United_China, BJEA_China. While making the video, all of the teams improve their understanding of the projects. The intention of our video is that our team wants to let more people pay attention to Alzheimer’s Disease and go to the hospital in time as soon as they find themselves have related symptoms.

Fig.3 Videos from four teams

Collaborate with NMU_China on professor interview

Team NMU_China kindly introduced a professor from Shanghai changzheng hospital whose research interest is Alzheimer’s disease. Our team interviewed him online. He told us the current situation of designing drugs for Alzheimer’s Disease and reasons why scientists haven’t found drugs that can thoroughly cure Alzheimer’s Disease.

Fig.4 Interviewed a professor recommended by NMU_China


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