We emphasize and practice the idea of safety throughout to ensure that the materials we may touch, produce or release do not pose a risk to experimenters or the environment.

To get detailed information of our safety concerns, please see our safety form.

General Laboratory Safety

The iGEM Team WHU-China is in full compliance with the safety and security rules of the iGEM competition.

The laboratory of our team falls under the bio-safety level 1. This level is the lowest bio-safety level but is sufficient for all our experiments. Although our experiments involved in Propionibacterium acnes, it’s classified as biosafety level 1 according to ATCC standards.

Before we started our work in the lab, all wet-lab members received a safety training. We also have a charge teacher and a teaching assistant who supervise the material and operation to ensure our safety and security during experiments.

In our experiments, we strictly divided the experimental areas to avoid mutual pollution and carried out our experiment in strict accordance with the experimental operating procedures. Wearing personal protection equipment like masks, gloves and gowns was especially highlighted. At the same time, we disposed the experimental waste safely before discarding it to ensure that our experiments would not pollute the environment.

Project safety

Most of the organisms used in our experiments will not pose risks to people, except for Propionibacterium acnes. In the process of the experiment, we avoided direct contact with Propionibacterium acnes.

To avoid environmental pollution caused by engineering bacteria, we constructed a glycine deficient strain which is unable to grow or reproduce in the wild without offering additional glycine.