Team:WHU-China/Human Practices

Human Practices


Last winter vacation, when we were talking about what to do this year, one of our members proposed that he was bothered by acnes for a long time. Many of us fully agreed to that and in adolescence, and it’s not hard to find our classmates might suffer from this now.

So what can we do to work it out with our own passion and power?

We then made word cloud and analyse the results from questionnaires to got public demanding, and we have interviewed a variety of professors for wet and dry labs, both of which helped to polish our work and close the loop at the same time.

We are devoted to exhibit synbio to more and set classes suitable for people of all ages. We hoped to build a better community between Science to Society with more and more teams in iGEM.

Here we exhibit what we did, the work that is responsible and good for world at many stages, together with what we have acted upon these considerations.