Our passion from teams from all around the world assists each other to finish our projects better and tell our stories to the world. In this page, we conclude our tight alliances and dear teams to express our sincere appreciation to everyone.


Skin League (led by our team)

Members: WHU-China, HUST2-China, SZPT-China, NUDT-China

Period: from July to October

When discussing with other iGEMers, we found that some of us were devoted to solve some skin diseases. In order to deal with some similar problems in skin diseases and seek close cooperation between different schools, we set up Skin League. On July 12th, we had a discussion on the forms of cooperation. This was our first workshop for mutual understanding.

After that, we decided to initially collaborate in art designers and prepared for some lectures together in the long term, to make a better popularity of science letting others know about what synbio can achieve. During the daily communication, we delivered some questionnaires to our group chat online. That’s how we made good use of resources in different districts.

In summary, the partnership ended up with several accomplishments:

(i) Get a deeper understanding about iGEM and skin diseases, especially acne.

(ii) Extend the district investigated through questionnaires.

(iii) Create an efficient platform for four teams to communicate with each other and share what difference they focus on.

(iv) Make a meaningful and peculiar science brochure to not only spread our projects but also contribute to the introduction of synthetic biology.

We and the cooperated team reached a wider audience through the brochure.(Some pictures from SZPT and NUDT)

Huazhong Alliance

Members: HUST-China, HUST2-China, WHU-China, CSU-China, NUDT-China

Period: from July to October

On August 2nd, organized by HUST, Huazhong Meetup was held smoothly and meaningfully. Five teams including HUST1-China, HUST2-China and WHU-China, shared about iGEM projects respectively. After all the presentations, we had a hot debate relative to the essential ideas. Then we began the coordination in other fields like human practice and real-world application.

After the meeting, we continued to make communications about our projects, had better understanding and promoted our work to be ample and completed.


Members: As posters show

Period: From July to October

This activity is held by CPU_CHINA & NAU-CHINA, aiming to make a larger scale of the science popularity of synbio and iGEM, and show what iGEMers is focusing on. As the representative of centra China, we were pleasure to join them.

However, due to the plague prevention, we couldn’t go to Wuhan Science and Technology Museum as we have planned, so we chose to carry it out in our campus and community — in which there are people of all ages. We are sure that it would be a wider extension for both our project and iGEM.

Here you can see what we do as the map & video as below:


Conference of China iGEMer Community (CCiC) is a synthetic biology festival renowned for specialty and interactivity. In this special iGEM season, CCiC turned to be an online forum, while those qualities remained. To guide and instruct iGEM teams in China, CCiC invited iGEM committee members to officially answer the questions about the competition, including our doubts regarding safety.

We are honored to have the opportunity to share our project, and we are glad to have so many responses provided by other teams who also participated in this conference.

At the end of this meeting, we are honored to receive the award of active participation.

Online Education Alliance

This introduction is from CAU-China. On August 11th, CAU-China hosted an open online education event together with the iGEM teams WHU-China, HUST-China and HUST2-China and the help from the Youth Club of the Century Science and Trade Building Community.

This discussion focused on the topic “A Better World With Synthetic Biology”, and we invited more than 200 volunteers from the public to join our discussion, in which four teams introduced the basic facts about synthetic biology and shared their own project. We believe this discussion has brought iGEM and synthetic biology into the sight of more people, since participants showed great interest and approved of our projects.

After the discussion, four teams continued to have an in-depth discussion in the human practices methods and experiments design.


It’s such a coincidence that we had a similar topic and search for different ways in solving the same problem. fortunately, we are in the same city, which is more convenient for us to communicate and help each other in what we are good at. We communicate and coordinate both online and offline, with a frequency of at least once a month.


We had a similar topic and search for different ways in solving the same problem. More fortunately, we are in the same city, which is more convenient for us to communicate and help each other in what we are good at. We communicate and coordinate both online and offline, with a frequency of at least once a month. See more details in Partnerships.


NUDT-CHINA participated not only in the central China exchange meeting with us, but also in the skin alliance together. And during this process, we learned a lot from each other. For example, from their project, we got a new idea of controlling the cell cycle through blue light, which would be of great help to our future projects.


SZPT-China is a member of the skin alliance, too. Through mutual communication and exchanges of our ideas , we got to know each other's project and got a lot of inspiration from that. For example, SZPT chose to use optogenetics to regulate bacterial phenotype, and used bacteria to inhibit the growth of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, so as to treat burns and prevent burn infection, this is also a novel approach.


We participated in iGEM's central China exchange meeting together, and exchanged our stories of our own projects, exchanged experiences of experiments, and also carried out some detailed discussions and amendments to the project, which successfully reduced some of the shortcomings of our project that we previously did not take into account. In addition, HZAU also invited us to participate in a debate on synthetic biology, which both deepened our friendship, and improved our understanding on synthetic biology.


CAU-China launched a community oriented to extend the influence of iGEM and led to more college students knowing about the iGEM. At the same time, it also popularized the subject of synthetic biology, and achieved the purpose of publicizing the iGEM project of each team. After the publicity, we not only learned a lot of knowledge, but also gained a lot of positive feedback from the participants. We appreciated being invited in this work in a large scale.


We are honored to join the new ICII with them, which was first established in this year. They are really a creative team which inspired us a lot. We’d like to build a better community of synthetic biology.


We've always had a close relationship with HUST, and every year we would have some communication with each other. This year it's the same. We learned about their ideas of making hair dyes with the knowledge of synthetic biology. This broadened our horizons and made us more aware of the prospects of synthetic biology. In addition, we also conducted experimental exchanges.


During the summer vacation, they came to Wuhan University for communication. Although they are a team consisting of only high school students, their project is very complete and meaningful as well. What’s more, in the process of discussion, they also offered some advice to our project, benefiting us both during this exchange.


We both took part in the Huazhong Alliance. Due to the plague prevention, they couldn’t come to discuss with us face to face, but still talked over through the online Tencent Meeting. That’s also an interesting way to promote meaningful ideas.

Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University

Due to the close location of Zhongnan Hospital and Wuhan University, we had carried out a lot of cooperation with Zhongnan Hospital. We interviewed doctors from Zhongnan Hospital, and had a deeper understanding of the etiology of acne, the current diagnosis methods of acne, the current treatment methods and their defects, as well as the suggestions for popularization of science in the future. In short, we had learned a lot of new knowledge from our cooperation with Zhongnan Hospital and used this knowledge to improve our project.

Ascentage Pharma

We conducted business consultation and learned a lot, which was of great benefit. For example, in terms of the details of our product design, they told us to pay attention to the permeability of the skin surface, put forward a new drug delivery mode for us, and reminded us of the things that we did not pay enough attention to the business part before, such as patent protection.

Humanwell healthcare

They provided us with many help throughout the whole process of our project. For example, during the commercialization process, they had always been helpful, providing us not only guidance but also many precious amendments to our business proposal. Other than this, they were also very helpful in our process of enterprise research, through which we learned that what the consumer might prefer, which is very significant in the establishment of the format of our product. Besides, we had also realized the advantage of our product with their help.