Team:WHU-China/Excellence In Another Area

Excellence in
another area

iGEMers must not only make their own achievements in the scientific field, but also think about how to influence the world in many ways since iGEM is far more than its technical, busy, and serious side. Apart from lab work and meetings, we did something else to the public by the followings.


In order to better spread our project, we made a set of emojis related to the project. The content of these emojis is about synthetic biology and acne. It not only popularizes the knowledge of acne and calls people to pay attention to skin health, but also brings synthetic biology closer to people's lives, increases acceptance and enhances our communication with society.

A small game

When popularizing science among primary school students, we found that some children are easy to be distracted. We designed a mini-game to capture their interest and helped them learn about synthetic biology and acne while having fun.

(inspired by Flappy Bird)

In addition, in the new version we are working on, we plan to add Q&A sessions when players fail.

It is hoped that knowledge will be available to more age groups in appropriate forms and we desire to share what is going on in the field of the most fascinating and promising synthetic biology with the future owners of our planet.


We made a lot of stickers related to the project and gave them to people as souvenirs during the promotion and presentation.

Popular science brochure

We set up Skin League with other three teams and have made a meaningful and peculiar science handbook to not only spread our projects but also contribute to the introduction of synthetic biology. In order to reach a wider audience, we have produced both Chinese and English versions. It is excellent in art and design and we hope that it will inspire other iGEM teams.

Team uniform

Our team uniforms have an ingenious design in the cap, cuffs and back. Uniform clothing has improved team cohesion, everyone is more engaged, and we hope our design and ideas can inspire other teams.


At the beginning of the project, we made posters to help people quickly understand our original design, which helped us tremendously in promoting projects and getting advice.