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The Yeast Alliance is an organization formed by iGEM teams that use yeast. In addition to our team, members include UESTC_China, CPU_China, HiZJU_China, HUST_China, NWU_China, ECUST_China, Jiangnan China, and BIT_China. The purpose of the alliance is to provide a discussion platform for teams using yeast. Problems encountered in daily experiments can be discussed in the alliance. During the discussion, each team helps each other to solve problems and accumulate experience. Yeast Alliance will continue to help iGEM teams that use yeast in future iGEM competitions.

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In the daily contact of Yeast Alliance, each team introduced their own projects and had a deep discussion so that every member deepened their understanding of others’ projects, which was convenient for the cooperation between teams. In addition, in the Yeast Alliance partnership, we mainly discussed the problems encountered during the experiment. The discussion included but was not limited to the matters needing attention in the use of all kinds of yeast, the contamination of miscellaneous bacteria, and the analysis and solution of problems encountered in the experiment. Interaction with the alliance helped us to solve problems throughout our whole experiments. For example, because we didn’t pay enough attention to the pollution problems have been led to the failure of the experiment once, after listening to other teams' experience, our laboratory has carried on the thorough cleaning and sorting again for chemicals, avoid the similar problem to happen again. Also, we take advantage of our connection with the brewery and provide some fermenter knowledge to the teams in the alliance.

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The Yeast Handbook

Organized by UESTC-China and UM_Macau, the Yeast Alliance has produced a yeast handbook. The contents of the handbook mainly include Pichia pastoris and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. In addition to introducing these two kinds of yeasts, each team also sorted out the problems and solutions in the experimental process by combining their specific strains and plasmids. The handbook also provides practical contents such as common protocols related to yeast experiments and common culture medium formulations. We hope this handbook will help teams that choose to use yeast in future iGEM competitions.

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