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Popular Science Brochure

Due to the impact of the epidemic in Macau, all primary and secondary schools and universities have changed to online teaching. We feel that online lectures may not achieve the purpose of popularizing science, so we have made an electronic brochure, which is not only environmentally friendly but also can be disseminated easily and rapidly.

The brochure is mainly composed of three parts. First of all, we introduced gout, including its causes and preventive measures. Then we presented what is food oxidation, the harm of food oxidation, and relevant measures. Finally, we briefly talked about the project in progress by our team, how to improve the oxidation problem of beer storage and reduce the pathogenic factors of gout during fermentation. After the manual is completed, it was uploaded to all our public accounts. We also send it to local secondary schools in Macau to let students know relevant knowledge.

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Picture Book

We participated in the children's picture book production activity initiated by NNU_China. The teams involved are FZU_China, LZU_China, NMU_China, NUDT_China, NWU_China, Wordshaper-Nanjing. Each team made picture books about their projects. Our picture book aims to educate children about synthetic biology and the use of genetically modified yeast in our lives. The picture books of other teams are also beautiful in style and rich in meaning. All our picture books are gathered together and finally form this complete picture book, which is the result of the joint efforts of all teams. We hope to popularize synthetic biology and other related biological knowledge to children through this picture book and stimulate their curiosity about biology and interest in synthetic biology. Hopefully, there will be audiences of our picture books who will become iGEMer in the future!

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