We are team iGEM ULaval. Our team was founded at Université Laval in Quebec, Canada in 2018, and we've been part of the iGEM journey ever since. Our members are graduate and undergraduate students from many fields, including biochemistry, bioinformatics, biomedical sciences, chemistry, communication, food sciences, microbiology, and software engineering. We've been hard at work creating aSAP during the past two years.

Three outstanding teachers and one amazing mentor were also part of the team this year, acting as guides and giving us valuable advice. While various experts and former ULaval iGEMers helped us in many ways to make aSAP a reality, the core members on this page are who can be considered the official ULaval team!

We are eager to show you what we have realized with aSAP this year, but you can always get to know us first!

Our Crew Members

First year iGEMer?
No, 2nd.

Scientific Fun fact:
90% of your serotonin is produced by the bacteria in your gut.

Favorite Maple Recipe:
Maple syrup muffins.

Fun fact about me:
I can never answer the question when people ask me where I come from.
Emilie Alexander
MSc. Biochemistry

Meet Emilie

First year iGEMer?
No, 4th.

Scientific Fun fact:
Lake Superior is the world's largest freshwater lake by surface area. It is so large that the lake holds 10% of all fresh surface water on earth!

Favorite Maple Recipe:
What can beat a maple walnut ice cream?

Fun fact about me:
During holidays, I love to start new crochet projects, although it's easier to start than to finish them.
Marianne Côté
MSc. Chemistry

Meet Marianne

First year iGEMer?
No, 2nd.

Scientific Fun fact:
Only 0.1% of the unique genes in your body are human and about 99.9% are bacterial.

Favorite Maple Recipe: Apple crisp

Fun fact about me:
One thing on my bucket list is going to Galápagos Islands!!!
Catherine Gravel
B. Sc. A. Food Sciences

Meet Catherine

First year iGEMer?
No, 2nd.

Scientific Fun fact:
The platypus is one of the few animals who can produce its own custard, since it lays eggs and produces milk.

Favorite Maple Recipe:
Maple and mustard salmon.

Fun fact about me:
I’m also a recognised professional car washer.
Benjamin Ouellet
MSc. Biochemistry

Meet Benjamin

First year iGEMer?
No, this is a marvelous second year.

Scientific Fun fact:
We are (extremely) slowly losing view of far far away galaxies due to their movement away from our galaxy being faster than the speed of light.

Favorite Maple Recipe: The good ol’ French Toast drowned in maple syrup.

Fun fact about me:
I’m an infamous yellow colour fan, but don’t come at me with hex #DEFF00, you’ll be dismissed.
Louis-Jacques Ruel
B. Sc. Bioinformatics


First year iGEMer?
No, 2nd year!

Scientific Fun fact:
Technically, you're more of a bacteria than a human.

Favorite Maple Recipe: Maple Brown Sugar Cookies.

Fun fact about me:
As I'm writing this, I am at episode 855 of One Piece. Go Luffy!
Joanna Mbuya Malaika Mutombo
B. Sc. Microbiology

Meet Joana

First year iGEMer?

Scientific Fun fact:
The highest temperature possible is called the absolute hot, according to conventional physics it is calculated to be 1,420,000,000,000,000,000,000,
000,000,000,000 degrees Celsius.

Favorite Maple Recipe: On vanilla ice cream.

Fun fact about me:
Played bowling competitively for 11 years.
Mathieu Potvin
B. Sc. Biochemistry

Meet Mathieu

First year iGEMer?

Scientific Fun fact:
A red blood cell can make a complete circuit of your body in 20 seconds.

Favorite Maple Recipe: Maple Mustard-Glazed Ham.

Fun fact about me:
I can roll some pretty nice sushi.
Jonathan Bessette
B. ENG. Software Engineering

Meet Jonathan

First year iGEMer? Yes.

Scientific Fun fact: Dolphins’ brains are wrinklier than ours, which means they are probably smarter than us too.

Favorite Maple Recipe: Maple, soy and ginger salmon marinade.

Fun fact about me: As a kid, on a trampoline was my absolute favorite place to be.
Florence Côté
B. A. Communications

Meet Florence

First year iGEMer? No, 3rd project.

Scientific Fun fact: There are too many to choose!

Favorite Maple Recipe: Banana bread.

Fun fact about me: Love hockey, go habs go!
Pascale Lemieux
MSc. Biochemistry

Meet Pascale

First year iGEMer? Yes.

Scientific Fun fact: The word vaccine comes from Varriolae vaccinae (smallpox of the cow), which was the first vaccine ever developed.

Favorite Maple Recipe: Mapple Taffy.

Fun fact about me: I almost know how to knit properly.
Éloïse Lagüe
MSc. Pharmaceutical Sciences

Meet Éloïse

First year iGEMer? Yes.

Scientific Fun fact: Each human body’s cell contains 2 meters of DNA and if you combine the DNA of all the cells of that body, the length will be equivalent to 2 times the diameter of the solar system.

Favorite Maple Recipe: As long as there is maple syrup involved, it is my favorite recipe...

Fun fact about me: I am a carpenter who is always tired during the day but still doesn't want to go to bed at night.
Étienne-Cédric Boucher
B. Sc. Biomedicals sciences


First year iGEMer? Yes.

Scientific Fun fact: The letters “J” and “Q” are the only two letters that do not appear on the periodic table of elements.

Favorite Maple Recipe: The classic pancakes with maple syrup!

Fun fact about me: I get lost while driving even with my GPS telling me where to go.
Mireille Bherer
B. Sc. Biomedical sciences

Meet Mireille

First year iGEMer? No, 2nd.

Scientific Fun fact: Your brain can do 10 000 000 000 000 000 calculations per second.

Favorite Maple Recipe: Iced coffee and maple syrup. The two best things in the world, combined.

Fun fact about me: I can probably swim better than I walk.
Olivier Lavoie
B. Sc. Biomedical Sciences

Meet Olivier


Steve Charette
Michel Guertin
Hélène Deveau
Hossein Hassanzadeh