This page summarizes the timeline of our project this year. As you can see we formed our team in January, discussed multiple project ideas in February, and chose our first project idea in March, that changed along the way until July, when we chose our final project idea. From there, we contacted professors in our university to help us with the science aspect of our project until mid-October. From there, we focused on the deliverables for iGEM such as the wiki and the 20-minute presentation.

February 2021
February 2nd, 2021     Integration meeting with members
February 13th, 2021    Meeting to plan out lab work
February 18th, 2021    Beginning of financial planification
February 19th, 2021    Beginning of wet lab planification
February 21st, 2021    Planification for fundraising, its video and bonuses for people who help us out (including a cookbook)
March 2021
March 4th, 2021      Contact with Maman Veut Savoir for a science communication collaboration New project logo!
March 16th, 2021     Advancement of the ethical approuval of our survey for consummers (started last year)
March 23rd, 2021    Beginning of brainstorming process for our promotional video
March 26th, 2021    Planification of our dextran order (quantity, size, etc)
March 30th, 2021    Beginning of a collaboration with passionbouffe for our cookbook
April 2021
April 1st, 2021      Beginning of sponsorship requests
April 8th, 2021     Contacting people for our Human practices
April 15th, 2021   Meeting with the PPAQ to discuss our project and its future applications / Team registration / Our project is selected for an interview with Forces Avenir, a provincial entrepreneurship contest
April 19th, 2021     Beginning of our wet lab
May 2021
May 5th, 2021      Fundraising video is ready! / Beginning of our wet lab!!
May 19th, 2021    First contact with iGEM Concordia for a collaboration
May 25th, 2021    iGEM Dusseldorf contacts us for a postcard collaboration
June 2021
June 1st, 2021       Practice for our presentation for the Forces Avenir interview / Our survey for consummers is approved!! / Beginning of the brainstorm for our wiki's layout / New project : Determine the microorganisms present in ropy maple syrup and normal maple syrup
June 7th, 2021     Beginning of our modelling planification
June 12th, 2021    Meeting with Sébastien Houde for our project modelling
June 16th, 2021    We started planning our team promotion video / We started sharing our consummer survey
July 2021
July 6th, 2021        Meeting with Hossein to talk about modelling
July 13th, 2021       Planification for our radio interview
July 14th, 2021     Radio interview with CKRL, a local city radio
July 16th, 2021       Postcards for our contribution to Düsseldorf printed and sent
July 30 - 31, 2021  JulyGEM
August 2021
August 11th, 2021      Analysis of our survey to consummers
August 28th, 2021    Registration for the Giant Jamboree
September 2021
September 1st, 2021      We started writing our wiki
September 9th, 2021    We finally got our microbiology results and could identify the microorganisms present in ropy maple syrup
September 11th, 2021    Our first fall in person work meeting
September 13th, 2021    Planification of our meeting with the MAPAQ to discuss the legal aspects of our project
September 16th, 2021    Women in STEM - Diversity and Inclusion workshop!! / Anouncement of the Rossalind Chronicles
September 26th, 2021    End of our wet lab.
October 2021
October 6th, 2021      Gala Forces Avenir.
October 26th, 2021    Morrin Centre presentation.