This year, we could finally go to the laboratory. A core group made up of Pascale, Mathieu , Éloïse and Benjamin dedicated themselves to planning and executing the various experiments needed to process ropy maple syrup. Pascale and Benjamin worked on the protocols' redaction. We have done multiple steps in laboratory, from cloning(Pascale), protein expression and purification (Pascale, Mathieu, Éloïse, Benjamin, and Emilie), enzymatic assays (Pascale, Mathieu, and Benjamin) to Rheological assays (Pascale, Mathieu , and Benjamin).

Louis-Jacques led the modeling aspect of our project in collaboration with Hossein. Both members worked on scientific research, computer fluid dynamics simulations, and optimization. As a supervisor, Hossein guided Louis-Jacques’ work by providing him with the knowledge to understand the modeling theoretical and technical aspects. Hossein provided the rheological data and personal experience in chemical engineering, while Louis-Jacques led research and simulations tasks.


Florence and Olivier teamed up to update and redesign the partnership plan we sent companies and organisations hoping to be sponsored by them. Louis-Jacques also helped with some final text edits.

This year again, we took part in Forces AVENIR, a provincial sponsorship competition, and presented our project to a panel of judges. Emilie and Louis-Jacques represented our team, with the help of Florence for the creation of the visual and textual support. Every member worked on writing the application to the competition. Étienne, Florence, Louis-Jacques and Emilie worked on the fine-tuning of the application.

To gather more sponsorship, Pascale, Joanna and Louis-Jacques worked on drafting and sending letters to ministers. Louis-Jacques, Joanna, Pascale, Mathieu, Éloïse, Emilie and Benjamin also sent multiple sponsorship requests to multiple companies.

Louis-Jacques managed the team’s bank account and sponsors’ contact (follow-up, production of receipts, general information exchange). Étienne and Louis-Jacques managed the socio funding.


This year, our primary communication goals were to spread awareness about ropy maple syrup and to make the science aspect of our project easier to understand for people who aren’t trained scientists. We had many communication projects this year and multiple members took part in their realization.

At the beginning of the year, Florence took charge of redesigning aSAP’s logo and general branding, as well as creating a uniform color palette and style for social media posts, documents, the wiki, and other communications. Florence and Catherine also teamed up to update the team’s social media accounts.

Jonathan was the programmer behind this wiki, with Marianne coaching him on the specifics of making an iGEM wiki and Florence spearheading the visual design and information organisation aspects of it. Catherine took our team photos and also helped with brainstorming the initial design of the wiki. Every member worked on the writing and editing of the content of the different pages. Florence was also responsible for the production of the various visual elements on the wiki.

As an incentive for our crowdfunding campaign and a way to mix fun and education, Joanna, Olivier and Mireille, with the help of a local social media influencer (Passionbouffe), produced a recipe book with all of our team members’ best maple recipes. Every one of us wrote our recipes and found a scientific fact related to the maple industry or food chemistry to go with it.

We also made two promotional videos this year, one for our crowdfunding campaign and one for the iGEM competition. While many team members took part in editing the script for both videos, three members stand out for their participation. Éloïse was the one who oversaw the filming and production deadlines of the videos and Benjamin provided insider footage of the maple production process. Florence took charge of the final script writing and editing, as well as the video editing of the competition promotional video. Mireille and Florence also teamed up for the French and English narrations of said video. See credits of each video for more detailed mentions and attributions.

Florence represented the team in a 10-minute radio interview for FM 93.3 in Quebec City, explaining a bit more about the science behind our project and promoting our fundraising campaign.

We also work in collaboration with the channel Maman veut savoir to talk about defects in syrup, specifically ropy sirup, and to present our project. Olivier, Emilie and Benjamin worked on preparing the interview and Olivier and Benjamin taken part in the video.

Our team was interviewed by Molecular cloud. Benjamin and Emilie represented our team for this interview.

Every team member worked on the project presentation (see presentation credits on our video).


We collaborated with several teams this year and contributed to other teams’ projects as well.

Éloïse, Pascale and Emilie posed for pictures for the #iGEMmonumentchallenge and Florence designed our team’s postcards for iGEM Düsseldorf’s postcard project.

Our team also collaborated in an important collaboration with WiSTEM (Nemira) and three other iGEM teams: iGEM Concordia (Megan and Carolina), iGEM Patras (Dimitry), and iGEM Thessaloniki (Anastasia). Our collaborations generated one collaborative document, the Rosalind Chronicles, and a presentation on Women in STEM and diversity and inclusion. Emilie and Louis-Jacques both focused on the presentation and the document respectively, with Éloïse providing technical support during the first and helping in organizing meetings.

Human Practices

We accomplished multiple tasks to complete this year's human practices. Joanna created a consumers survey and worked with our university’s ethics committee to assure that the document received their approbation. To educate the public on synthetic biology, Joanna also worked on the creation of a SynBio activity at the Morrin Centre. As responsible for multiple projects related to human practices, Joanna, also wrote the text for the HP page, which was later edited and polished by Florence.

Louis-Jacques and Benjamin contacted the MAPAQ in order to gain insights on the legislation surrounding maple syrup and, in particular, ropy maple syrup. It confirmed the legitimacy of our project to resolve the untackled problem of ropy syrup.


We would like to give an extra big thank you to LandryLab and Shi Lab for giving us access to their laboratory installations, materials and protocols.

A huge thanks to the professors, Steve Charette, Hélène Deveau, and Michel Guertin, who have guided us since the beginning of our project

Other acknowledgements:

Denis Rodrigue Marie-Ève Picard François Rouleau Cynthia Gagné-Thivierge Sarah Girard Zacharie Morneau Éloïse Dumas Béatrice Frenette José Campano William Brochu Laurie-Jane Couture PPAQ Research group of
Prof. Seyed Mohammad Taghavi
General support of the team Lab and general project support Lab support Lab support Lab support Lab support and help in our fundraising efforts Help in our fundraising efforts Help in our fundraising efforts Survey analysis for the acceptability of our project Providing us with ropy maple syrup samples and useful information for the development of our project.
Help with the recording and editing of our promotional videos
Help with creating and photographing recipes for our recipe book. Providing us with ropy maple syrup samples and useful information for the development of our project. Access to the rheometer instrument for measuring fluid viscosities leading to the modeling aspect of the project.

We would also like to thank the following donors for financially contributing to our project on the crowdfunding campaign La Ruche:

Carolanne Ruel Sophie Pâquet Béatrice Baz-Laberge Stephane M. Gagne Nathan Dumont-Leblond Catherine Marois François Rouleau Paulette Ruel Xavier Pinard Camille Laliberté Johannie Leblanc Marc-André Roy Patrick Lagüe Manon Couture Jean-Christophe Ruel Casey Phillips Steve Charette Angel Cisneros Rong Shi Charlotte Martel Anne-Marie Deschesneau Caroline Duchaine Josée Turmel Théo Morneau