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To ensure our software's safety to users, we answered some frequently asked questions(FAQs) as following.

Q1: Who will use your software? What will the user concern about?

1. For synthetic biologist

Phage engineering: We provide phage-bacterial interaction networks, which can help synthetic biologists artificially engineer phages to obtain broad-spectrum artificial phages, or synthesize new phages to enhance the advantages of existing phages, make up for their shortcomings, and further promote the engineering and application of phages

2. For environmentalist

Advancing new treatment for superbugs could help reduce the amount of antibiotics in the natural environment, thereby reducing man-made damage to the ecosystem.

3. For patients infected with antibiotics

Phage therapy is effective and has fewer side effects than antibiotics against superbugs and healthy patients. With the help of Phage-MAP, doctors can quickly find suitable and efficient phage reagents to treat patients

Since we only provide software support, users do not worry about the safety of microbes when using our software.

Q2: Are there any safety problem in Phage-MAP we need to concern about?

Phage-MAP is safe enough for users and their computers. It is redundant to worry about our software's safety. Because you only need to visit our website and query for results. All the computing operations were done on our server. Additionally, the files we provided were also safe to download on user's own equipment.

Q3: Phage-MAP aims to assist phagotherapy, will user need to contact with bacteria or phages which may be toxic to human body?

Definitely not, we just provide computational assistance for reseachers who interested in phagotherapy. When researchers use our software, there lies in no opportunity for them to contact with neither bacteria nor phage. Also, if they want to some wet validating experiment, we provide web link to NCBI database for them to get more exact information about these species.

Q4: Will Phage-MAP infringe on database or computational tool copyright?

No. All of our raw data and tools are free and open-sourced. The following content shows their sources:


NCBI Click here for more details
CRISPR/Cas++ Click here for more details


CRISPRDetect Click here for more details
Taxonomy Browser Click here for more details
PHP Click here for more details
WIsH Click here for more details
PHASTER Click here for more details

Q5: Do users have any way to access your data, or change data without any limitations?

Users can download data directlty from our database website. These data are absolute secure and harmless to computer. Regretfully, considering the stablility and reliability of our database, we don't provide plugin for users to upload their own data.


We provide Phage-MAP as a public service. We do not collect any personally identifiable information (PII) about users when they visit our website. Phage-MAP is only for academic research and will be not for any commercial uses. So do the sources of data we obtained from other databases.

If you have any question, please contact us.

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