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Member information

Yanping Zhao: Team leader

Participating iGEM not only let me learn about synthetic biology, but more importantly, it allowed me to work with so many wonderful peers. I feel so honored to be a member of this team. And, I sincerely hope our software can help you and give your some good ideas.

MingjieWang: Team leader

It is really a great opportunity for me to take such a trip in iGEM. As a member of Tongji sofware, I learn from others and group up with others, which is both beneficial to me and anyone who use our software. Besides, I sincerely hope that you will like it!

Zhengyi Zhuo: Team leader

Developing with iGEM teammates gave me the chance to collaborate with really excellent peer fellows and brings my knowledge of coding into practice. It's an amazing experience to build our website from scratch and communicate over our requirements.

Jun Wang: Team member

IGEM gives me the opportunity to collaborate with peers from different educational backgrounds. We come from different majors, but we work for the same goal. In the process of completing the whole project, I have improved a lot. When I first saw our project home page, I had a voice in my heart: we can!

Songyang Li: Team member

IGEM is more of an imaginative painting than a monotonous collection of data and models. I'm honored to be with such many talented teamates and other iGEMers, who brings me unprecedented energy, passion and innovation. We put our own pieces together to create Phage-Map, and we hope it will help in synthetic biology.

Pei Tian: Team member

Joining Tongji Software provides a good chance for me to learn more about synthetic biology. It's my pleasure to develop a useful software and make acquaintance with many distinguished people.

Xingbo Yang: Team member

I had the honor to join the iGEM team, which made me know a lot of excellent people. I also learned relevant knowledge of synthetic biology in the process of completing the project. It was a great experience!

Muzi Duan: Team member

Being able to participate in iGEM is a great experience for me. I want to make game in the future career and in iGEM we have already made a cool game to show how cell protect itself. That is so amazing. Everyone in the team is wonderful. This is a nice journey.

Shiman Zhang: Team member

It's really a unforgettable experience for me. Exposed to so many creative ideas and wonderful peers,I feel the beauty of the combination of design and technology. I want to do more design works in such projects.

Ranting Hu: Team member

It really excites me because our work is a cross project of biology, software engineering, design and statistics! I’m greatly honored to have participated in such a nice team. Mathematical modeling is an important and interesting part of the project, and I hope that our work can be helpful!

Liyou Wang: Team member

I am honored to participate in the iGEM competition with Tongji software. IGEM improves my ability to communicate with others and provides me with the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to practice. In addition, I am very grateful to iGEM for meeting such great teammates!

Letian Li: Team member

It is my pleasure to participate in iGEM. Thanks to my excellent teammates, I have learned a lot about software development technologies and skills in this competition. I really appreciate this great opportunity to improve myself. It was a wonderful experience for me.

Shangyou Wang: Team member

I'm Wang Shangyou, responsible for routine Maintainence of server and software testing.I am delighted to cooperate with friends majoring in biology. We formed a good friendship and successfully completed our project for iGEM during this time.

Qiao Liang: Team member

“The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart.” Thanks to iGEM for giving me the opportunity to challenge myself, surpass myself. Using overnight to find the fun of writing front-end web pages, I have benefit a lot...


Wenyun Jiang :Team members of Tongji_Sofware 2020

Team members of Tongji-Software are of great enthusiasm and talents in computer engineering and biology. It’s exciting for me to give suggestions and see how the program improved so well.

Jun Zhu :Team members of Tongji_Sofware 2020

Witness this project from birth, design to perfection, they have done a good job, it is a fantastic project.

Yunzhe Kang: Team members of Tongji-China 2019

Many professional team members gathered in this year's Tongji_Software. I'm glad to provide guidance for them and look forward to their development.

Huidi Zhu :Team members of Tongji_Sofware 2020

I helped them understand iGEM's rules and provided art direction, which was a great experience.

Jiacheng Jiang: Team members of Tongji-China 2020

The members of Tongji_Software have complementary advantages and are very united. It is one of the best iGEM teams I have ever seen. I am delighted that I can provide them with some suggestions.


Dr. Qi Liu :Professor of School of Life and Technology at Tongji University

He helped us brainstorm and determine the core of our project. What's more, he gave a lot of useful suggestions in algorithms.

Dr. Jing Zhang :Professor of School of Life and Technology at Tongji University

She helped us build our team, apply for funding support, and many other things by keeping in contact with us during the process of this project.