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We eventually meet the following criteria for Bronze, Silver and Gold Medal.

Result: Best Software & Gold


Completed all Competition Deliverables

#1 Wiki: we completed a well-designed and straightforward wiki to introduce our project.

#2 Promotion Video: we made an excellent promotion video to demonstrate our project.

#3 Judging Form: Here is our Judging Form.

#4 Presentation Video: we will address project presentation to judges and other iGEMers in coming Jamboree.


Thanks all people for their effort to this project!

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Project Description

We definitely finished and gave out a project design.

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We established a useful database for researchers who are interested in bacteria, phage and their relationship. And we indeed provided suggestive advice to other iGEM team (e.g. XJTLU-China).

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Engineering Success

Our team has investigated a lot of former projects, put forward and discussed assumptions. Then we carefully designed the software and improved it continually. Finally, we set up a complete pipeline and a useful database.

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We have collaborated with more than 4 iGEM teams. We conducted both online and offline communication with other teams during our researching period. These exchanges inspired us to further improve our project, and so did the other team.

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Human Practices

The ultimate goal of our project is to help the world, and our database definitely provides a effective tool to put forward further research of synthetic biology.

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Proposed Implementation

We settled a user-friendly website for primary researchers to use our database. Additionally, we provided a detailed instruction for somebody who want to use our pipeline. Then, considering it's a software, there is no safety issue for users.

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Integrated Human Practices

Receiving plenty of needs and suggestions from different perspectives, we optimized our design, model and analyzing pipeline to improve our project.

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Project Modeling

We applied many modeling methods, including Guassian Mixture Model, Markov Chain, TOPSIS and so on, to complete evaluation the strengh of bacteria-phage interaction.

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Proof of Concept

We finished a web page with a instructional video to demonstrate our database. That validates the availability of our database.

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This year, our team have carried out a long-term and inspiring team cooperation with XJTLU-China and STJU-Software. At early stage of project development, we discussed about the project subject of two teams and modified project route respectively. In the following period, we were in constant communication both online and offline.

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Education & Communication

Benefiting from epidemic easing, we could address lots of offline communication activities, such as scientific lecture for senior high and freshmen in university, elaborate mini game, popular science web page and so on.

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Excellence in Another Area

We are particularly good at art design. Our wiki, PV, website and mini game have received a lot of praise for their beautiful and bright design. Many people, after seeing or touching these designs, not only develop a strong interest in our project, but also have a desire to learn more about synthetic biology.

# PV: Through the promotiona video, you can quickly and clearly understand the background and ideas of our project;

# Mini game: The overall style of the mini-game is cute and engaging, making players to develop an interest in synthetic biology as they play;

# project website: The overall style of the website is simple and clear, more lively, convenient for users to quickly enter the functional module for experience;

# Wiki: When you browse this wiki, you will turn into a phage, like a phage on a voyage through the sea of cells. At the click of a mouse, the phage will leave its mark on this long journey. With a small phage’s rocket in the bottom right corner of the page, you can quickly return to the top of the page.

All in all, in this project, we put a lot of effort into the form of content presentation, and all our efforts are just for the surprise and comfort of browsing process when you open the page.

If you have any question, please contact us.

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