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We think all the members of our team are indispensable. Our team members come from the Academy of Life Sciences and Technology, the Academy of Design and Innovation, the Academy of Software, the Academy of Mathematical Sciences and the Academy of Electronics and Information Engineering. All members give full play to their strengths and learn from each other. Finally, we completed the project as expected, which is inseparable from the efforts of everyone in the team. The following figure shows the contribution of each member of the team.

Labor Divison

Figure: Attribution of everybody in team

Phage-MAP Database

Preliminary Study

Songyang Li, Yanping Zhao, Pei Tian, Jun Wang and Xingbo Yang, five students with biological background, jointly completed the preliminary study, and finally determined the project topic through reviewing a large number of papers and the exchange and discussion of instructors.

Data acquisition & Database building

Yanping Zhao, Songyang Li, Pei Tian were responsible for data collection. Through searching from other database and processing, we collected lots of data.

Liyou Wang built the database. The MySQL database was built with docker. It established the relationship network of phages and their hosts, which can be used to retrieve phages for a specific bacterium.


Yanping Zhao, Songyang Li, Pei Tian and Letian Li completed the project design and built the main structure of the project.


Yanping Zhao, Pei Tian, Songyang Li, Ranting Hu, Letian Li and Shangyou Wang participated in the modeling to predict the relationship between phages and bacteria based on sequence alignment-based and alignment-free methods, established scoring criterion to evaluate the strength of the relationship, and test the prediction results.


Zhengyi Zhuo, Pei Tian, Mingjie Wang, Qiao Liang, Letian Li, Liyou Wang, Yanping Zhao, Songyang Li, and Shangyou Wang from bioinformatics and software-engineering majors are mainly responsible for the coding part, involving data processing, web deploy, etc.

Database Website

Zhengyi Zhuo, Mingjie Wang, Letian Li built project website: Phage-MAP.

Exhibition & Human Practices


Muzi Duan, Yanping Zhao and Xingbo Yang and carried out the preliminary design of the Wiki page. Qiao Liang, Mingjie Wang, Zhengyi Zhuo, Liyou Wang and Yanping Zhao completed the post construction of the Wiki page.


Shiman Zhang, Muzi Duan, Xingbo Yang, Yanping Zhao, Songyang Li, and Ranting Hu participated in the presentation video. The first two completed video shooting and later work, and the last four performed video recording and introduced the project.


Yanping Zhao, Songyang Li, Pei Tian, Ranting Hu, Xingbo Yang, Mingjie Wang and Zhengyi Zhuo participated in collaborations and exchange activities, including but not limited to working with other project teams.


Muzi Duan, Zhengyi Zhuo, Mingjie Wang, Letian Li, Yanping Zhao, Jun Wang and Shiman Zhang, designed a small game to vividly introduce the process of cell defense war.

Yanping Zhao, Jun Wang, Pei Tian, and Xingbo Yang participated in popular science activities to publicize synthetic biology, bacteriophage and so on.

Human Practices

Yanping Zhao, Jun Wang, Songyang Li, Xingbo Yang, and Pei Tian participated in project related meetings, iGEM exchange meetings and exchanges with relevant counterpart companies.

Original Material

Art Design

Shiman Zhang and Muzi Duan from the school of design and creativity completed the art design involved in the whole process of the project.

Written Material

Songyang Li, Yanping Zhao, Jun Wang, Pei Tian, Ranting Hu, Xingbo Yang and Letian Li wrote text materials related to the project, such as wiki page manuscripts, popular science articles, etc.


Finance and Trip Planning

Yanping Zhao and Zhengyi Zhuo were in charge of Financial management.

Professor Support

We thank the college, teachers and others for their help and support.

Dr. Qi Liu gave some suggestions about project design and our core idea.

Dr. Jing Zhang offered us various support for the project.

We are also grateful to all other people who have given us support.

If you have any question, please contact us.

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