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  • 2020.12
  • 2021.1-4
  • 2021.5
  • 2021.6
  • 2021.7
  • 2021.8
  • 2021.9
  • 2021.10


This page demonstrates notebook of our team activitied.


(1) Set up our team, Tongji_Software 2021


(1) Investigate former projects of software track to learn background and related inspirations

(2) Learn knowledge about synthetic biology

(3) Literature research

(4) Communicate with Prof.Liu for the first time

(5) Register team

(6) Get in touch with SJTU-Software


(1) Determine our research direction of phagotherapy

(2) Recruit new team members for 2 times

(3) Phage & Superbug related literature research

(4) Team leader communication between Tongji_Software and SJTU-Software

(5) Give out questionnaire and receive results


(1) Design team logo

(2) Make preparation for Mini Game and Presentation Video

(3) Do research for CRISPR/Cas++ database

(4) Communicate with SJTU-Software

(5)Get in touch with XJTLU-China


(1) Complete presentation video

(2) Collect raw data, design preliminary project process and get basic result

(3) Construct the basic database framework

(4) Online meeting with XJTLU-China for 2 times

(5) Communicate with SJTU-Software

(6) Attend 4th Summit Forum on superbacterial infection and Phage

(7) Attend Seeding Program


(1) Complete popular science webpage

(2) Get help from SJTU-Software

(3) Exchange idea with Prof. Du and Prof. Guo

(4) Communicate with clinical workers

(5) Modify project design for 3 times, improve our pipeline and validate our result

(6) Attend CCiC

(7) Confirm three modules: Bacteriophage Bay (database), Phage Finder and Interactive MAP

(8) Prepare for database website Phage-MAP

(9) Complete Mini Game

(10) Introduce Game to public in our university to inspire their interests of synthetic biology


(1) Complete database construction

(2) Accomplish webpage's front-end and back-end configuration

(3) Attend CRISPR Conference

(4) Conduct propaganda of our project and iGEM to Innovation Club of the Academy of Life Science and Technology, Tongji University

(5) Begin Wiki construction


(1) Get validation from XJTLU-China's experiment results

(2) Visit and communicate with Delonix Bioworks

(3) Prepare for Giant Jamboree

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