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"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed."

During our iGEM journey this year, we have collaborated with many teams both online and offline. We learned a lot from the communication with each team. Also, we have used our skills and tried our best to help other teams in many aspects, including education、 HP、 model and so on.


Since Tongji_China and our team come from the same university, we had considerably comprehensive collaboration with Tongji China.Their theme is to design a microbiome system to remove the smell of grabage. However, it is regretful that we cannot provide software support for them, because their project is irrelavant to our phage-bacteria network. Although we cannot cooperate in aspect of project development, we can collaborate in some respects. You can click here to visiting the wiki of Tongji_China.

Brain Storm

At the early topic selection period, we held an online brainstorming meeting,briefly discussed the project topics, the meaning of the topic and how to design it.

Figure: Brainstorm with Tongji_China


"Outstanding Pre-training Project" is a characteristic enrollment program at Tongji University. On July 3 in 2021, we attended it held by College of Life Sciences and Technology. At the online meeting, we introduced basic concept of biology, synthetic biology and iGEM competition to these senior high students. And that was of great benefits for their later major selection.

Figure: Education with Tongji_China

Human Practice

With the assistance of Tongji_China, we successfully investigate 2 professor, Prof.Du and Prof.Guo, from College of Life Sciences and Technology, Tongji University. They provided many suggestions for our project, including attaching more attention to the validation of the performance of the Phage-MAP software. This HP communication was of great importance for us becuase two professors pointed out many problems the remained to be solved. Also, we greatly appreciated the effort of Tongji_China which helped us get in touch with professors.

Figure: Human Practice with Tongji_China

Figure: The attending people


This year, XJTLU-CHINA created an excellent project. They designed a system based on phages to detect pathogenic bacteria in food. Since the two teams got in touch in June in 2021, we provided modeling support and Education Inspiration for XJTLU. And XJTLU also supplied experimental verification and HP Inspiration for us.

In summary, benefited from the similar project theme of the two teams, we exchanged a lot of guiding ideas in many aspects which included Education, Model, HP and so on. More details can be found in the Partnership.

Figure: With XJTLU-CHINA


Through China iGEMer communication group on wechat, we got in touch with Yuanjie Hu, leader of SJTU-Software, in april. Although the project themes of two teams are not similar, because both of us act as software teams and have similar biological and computer backgrounds, we have made a lot of suggestions to each other in terms of project design and algorithms. In addition, we have helped each other in many ways.

In fact, the cooperation between two teams goes far beyond 'collaboration'. To read more, check out Partnership.

Figure: With SJTU-Software


At the end of August 2021, CCiC(The Conference of China iGEMer Community) was successfully held in Fudan University, Shanghai. We fortunately attended this conferance and presented our project to other Chinese iGEM teams. Our presentation was broadcast live in bilibili (a Chinese video community similar to Youtube). It is worthwhile to mention that we got suggestive advice from many experts and other teams on this meeting.

Even more encouragingly, we communicated with other iGEM teams during the break interval.

As shown in the picture, we were exchanging project idea with an iGEM team from Tianjin University.During this exchange, we learned about each other's projects and prepared for the upcoming CRISPR conference.

Figure: With friends from Tianjin University

We also met with SJTU-Software in CCiC. This meeting further solidate the friendship and Partnership of two teams.

Figure: With SJTU-Software in CCiC

CRISPR Conference

On September 12, 2021, the CRISPR Conference hosted by Tianjin University was officially held. 11 representative teams delivered speeches to discuss some related issues with CRISPR. Since the design of our project involved CRISPR, in order to learn more about it, we also attended the meeting, as the only software team.

Figure: CRISPR Conference

Before online meeting, each team prepared certain questions. By lottery, we were responsible for answering the OUC-China's questions and vice versa. In this meeting, each team communicated with the other team and answered questions raised by the other team.

Figure: The teams at the CRISPR Conference

After the meeting, OUC students sent us a document, which was very relevant to the project we did and was of great help.


On September 12, 2021, with the help of the platform provided by the CRISPR Conference, we contacted the students of the OUC-China to get a preliminary understanding of each other’s projects, then we had some discussions and exchanged on the problems of both sides. You can click here to visiting the wiki of OUC-China.

Figure: With OUC-China

Their problems were mainly experimental. On the one hand, regarding our unfamiliar with the experiment, we can only make some conjectures for their project. On the other hand, OUC students found some databases and articles for our problems. We also exchanged some idea about HP. We recommended OUC-China go to the Environment Bureau and other institutions for exchange and study. OUC-China recommended us a professor related to our project. These are all very good suggestions.

Ending Words

Collaboration is such a valuable thing to do. We are sincerely grateful for teams that gave us help and advice. We are looking forward to having further cooperation in the future!