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Principal Investigator

Yingjin Yuan

Primary PI

Yi Wu

Secondary PI


Yu Huang

I participate in Tianjin because of my interest in synthetic biology. During my one year at Tianjin, I contribute to the project with my outreach skills and drawing skills. At the same time, I also learn a lot of experimental techniques and make a lot of friends. It is a very pleasant experience.

Jingyu Chang

I'm an igemer who's always struggling on the edge of DDL. People always call me "baobao", because my overabundance facial expressions just like a walking meme.

Lingwei Ding

I'm an undergraduate major in synthetic biology. The idea of“Engineer organisms”really hits me, and drive me to join this field. I deeply believe that bio-technology will soon change many things in human life, including clothing, food, housing and transportation, and I hope I could help make those changes happen.

Haiyang Liu

My name is Haiyang Liu. I'm a bioengineering student. I'm a biology lover who can raise yeast and brush test tubes. I also like playing badminton and other sports. Thank you for your support to iGEM Tianjin.

Ruiqi Liu

I'm Ruiqi Liu, a junior student of synthic biology. I am interested in gene and life, so I join iGEM Tianjin.

Runze Liu

I'm Liu Runze, a senior student from Tianjin University majoring in Chemical Engineering. I am mainly responsible for modeling. My research interests focus on de novo design and property prediction of substances based on machine learning, including but not limited to energetic materials, catalysts and enzymes.

Xiaoyun Lan

So are you gonna die today or make it out alive? You gotta conquer the monster in your head and then you'll fly.

Jiajun Ma

My name is Jiajun Ma, a person who is curious about everything in nature. Life is beautiful. Exploring the mysteries of life sciences will make our lives better, and will make the world of life better. This is why I chose to study synthetic biology, and why I participated in iGEM.

Zhan Peng

How bright I'm on the picture,
How exhausted I'm facing to the code.
I'm major in Pharmaceutical Engineering!#

Zhuoxuan Song

I am Song Zhuoxuan, an undergraduate majoring in synthetic biology in Tianjin university. I am passionate about exploring the mysteries of science. Taking part in iGEM, I have learned more about knowledge and abilities. What's more, I am glad to meet you all.

Jinrong Wu

My name is Jinrong Wu. I major in synthetic biology at the Chemical Engineering College of TianJin University. I’m interested in synthetic biology, so I decided to participate in iGEM. I have made many good friends and learned lots of knowledge here.

Yingjia Xu

I am an undergraduate student of Tianjin University, majoring in pharmaceutical engineering. I am very serious about my major and take exams seriously, which has laid a solid foundation for my professional study. In my spare time, I love sports, food and enjoy every moment.

Yuchen Yang

I'm Yuchen Yang, an undergraduate major in synthetic biology in Tianjin university. Synthetic biology is the greatest science of the 21st century, and I am a beginner in this great science. I hope I can witness and participate in the development of synthetic biology which can change the course of human history.

Dexin Zhang

My name is Dexin Zhang,a junior student majoring in synthetic biology. I dream of being a guitarist, but my musicality is terrible. I like reading books in my free time. Participating in iGEM prompts me to know advanced development in relavant fields. I really,really learn a lot from others.

Lingsong Zhu

a TJUer jumping repeatly between cartoon world and real life. Switch between laziness and sedulity from time to time.

Muge Zhou

Majoring in Biopharmaceutical, she is interested in microbiological research and drug development and hopes to be a drug designer. She learned a lot about the biochemistry and molecular biology through IGEM competition, which helps to broaden her horizon and gives her confidence.


M.SC Zhou Guo

Dr.Si Cheng

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