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What will happen if cells lose their chromosomes?
Are they still alive?

As the carrier of genetic information, chromosomes are vital to cells and even life. Most of the time, we cannot imagine what would happen to a cell without chromosomes. However, like Monkey King's curse in Journey to the West, chromosomes sometimes can be a burden to the cells. In our project, we have gotten out of the rut to create the CREATE(Chromosome Released Eukaryote which is Active, Transitory and Environment-friendly), a yeast without chromosomes. Such cells have no chromosomes and cannot proliferate, but endogenous enzymes still remain active for a certain period of time. Taking advantage of these characteristics, the CREATE might be a much safer bio-reactor used in drug delivery and gene therapy. Obviously, the applications of the CREATE will never be limited to any certain field. We believe that the CREATE has great potential to be applied in more fields deeply and widely.




This is our overall introduction of project. We describe what problem we want to solve, what goal we want to reach, and what the improvements that the CREATE might lead to synthetic biology.

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This page records the detailed information of our experiments. How do we verify the birth of the CREATEs ? How do we get the proportion of the CREATEs …… We also record some operations and analyses to show that our results are convincing.

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Human Practice

Our HP activities include multi-dimensional social practice activities and have a feedback mechanism. We established our three main objectives and formulated specialized methodologies.

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In the process of advancing the project, we communicate and cooperate with multiple teams in various aspects under the guidance of the concept of win-win cooperation.

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