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Team Tianjin is a very dynamic team. Every member of the team actively participates in the whole project and makes important contribution. Thank them for their efforts on the project! Thank all the people who gave us patient guidance and helped us improve the project.

Team Members

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Lingwei Ding Team leader
Project design
Lab work
One of the student leaders of Team Tianjin2021, who is in charge of the overall management. She is responsible for designing experiments and communicating with PI and advisors. Besides, she participates in the experiments of construct gene circuits and some measurement work.
Haiyang Liu Team leader
Project Design
The other student leader of Team Tianjin2021. He joins in some parts of experimental design and mainly focuses on evaluating and improving the efficiency of our cutting part(CRISPR).
Yu Huang Communication
Web art
Lab work Measurementd
She helps us to communicate with other iGEM teams, and cooperate with them. She also provides us great idea on the design of our project logo. Besides, she is our major experiment operator, who participates in constructing plasmids and characterize the CREATE.
Jingyu Chang Human Practice
Social Media
Web art
PV editor
The leader of our HP group. She organizes a range of activities which help us to get lots of feed back to our project and expands the influence of our team. She is also responsible for editing promotion video and presentation video.
Jinrong Wu Lab work
PV director
Our major experiment operator. He helps us to separate chromosome-free cells by flow cytometry. What’s more, he is the director of our promotion video.
Ruiqi Liu Lab work
Our major experiment operator of Tianjin2021. She helps us characterize chromosome-free cells and makes presentation video.
Yuchen Yang Human practice
He helps us to get the sponsor ship of TransGen biotech and Tsingke biotechnology. He also joins in HP work.
Jiajun Ma Lab work
Taking the orders
Wiki writter
Our major experiment operator. He helps us to separate chromosome-free cells by flow cytometry. What’s more, he is the director of our promotion video.
Dexin Zhang Modeling He helps us to develop mathematical models and optimizes the parameters.
Runze Liu Modeling He is responsible for the overall model construction, data integration and computer implementation.
Zhan Peng Wiki-programming
He is responsible for the debugging and production of the wiki. He designs the wiki structure and home-page. He helps to find the templates for our pages and design footer.
Lingsong Zhu Wiki-programming He is also responsible for the debugging and production of the wiki.
Yingjia Xu Human practice
She helps us contact with other iGEM teams’ leaders and hold CRISPR seminar. Besides, she participates in the interview of our Human practice.
Zhuoxuan Song Education
She does a great job in promoting our project and attracting more people to approach synthetic biology. She is the host of the online live lecture.
Muge Zhou Lab work
Our experiment operator. She is responsible for arranging Lab and recording what experiments we’ve done. Check our laboratory is safety.
Xiaoyun Lan Human practice
She helps us to collect the information of iGEM and reminds us the important dates (eg. deadlines). She also participates in questionnaire analysis.
Yufeng Dong Layout designer He helps us arrange the layout of our wiki pages.

Principal investigators

Professor Yingjin Yuan

Provide us with a good laboratory space and a variety of useful laboratory equipment and materials.

Associate Professor Yi Wu

Evaluate and comment on our brainstorming, have been actively discussing with us during the project and give us valuable suggestions.


Dr.Si Cheng

Thanks to Dr.Si Cheng providing daily support, planning experiments with us and helping out in difficult situations. Thanks to her explanation about how to use flow cytometry.

M.Sc. Zhou Guo

Thanks to Zhou Guo for providing us with knowledge on the CRISPR system as well as giving introductions to every team member on the general lab procedure.

Special Thanks

Dr.Zongheng Fu

We acknowledge for his support and providing us his knowledge about gene design and nucleic acid dyes. He also provide us SY14 strains.

M.Sc. Hui Zhang

She gives us a lot of help and guidance when we used spore player.

M.Sc HaoQian Zhao

Teach us how to use fluorescence microplate reader and providing us with important material assistance in molecular construction.

Dr.Yao Xiong

Help us to get the fund from the chemical engineering department of Tianjin University.

Dr.Yuan Ma

Point out the problems we existed in the design and giving us important guidance on experimental ideas.

Dr.Shichang Liu

He provides us great convenience in the use of ultraviolet spectrophotometer.

Dr.Bo He

Provides us precious experience about iGEM, and always encourages us.


We have TransGen Biotech to thank for their free genetic sequencing service and financial support.

We have Tsingke biotechnology to thank for sponsoring our team uniforms. They provide us free laboratory reagents like: competent cells, DNA marker, loading buffer and so on.

We also like to thank the chemical engineering department of Tianjin University for allowing us to use their instruments free of charge. What’s more, they provide us generous funding to support us complete this project.

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About Us

School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Tianjin University, 135 Yaguan Road, Jinnan District, Tianjin