Team:TU Kaiserslautern/Notebook

September '20

When What Who
22.09.20 First information evening and meeting 2019/2020 Team + interested people

October '20

When What Who
15.10.20 Second information evening 2019/2020 Team + interested people
26.10.20 First brainstorming 2019/2020 Team + interested people

November '20

When What Who
23.11.20 Second brainstorming Michael, Justus, Anna, Doro, Adrian + Team
30.11.20 Another Brainstorming Team + Michael, Justus, Anna, Doro, Adrian, Marcel, Nora, Christina

December '20

When What Who
07.12.20 Meeting on how to structure an iGEM Team Doro, Adrian + Team
15.12.20 Evaluating the remaining ideas with PIs and instructors Michael, Justus, Anna, Nora, Nicole, Marcel, Doro, Adrian
17.12.20 Decision on project Team
21.12.20 Introduction into sponsoring Sponsoring team + advisors

February '21

When What Who
01.02.21 Starting with regular meetings on Mondays Team + Doro & Adrian
15.02.21 First lab day: starting with domestication of plasmid – PCR Jonas, Salina, Nicolas, Justus, Anna

March '21

When What Who
05.03.21 First Meeting with Collaboration Partner iGEM Bonn Alex, Annika, Julia, Bastian
09.03.21 First L0-construct Lab – Nicolas, Jonas, Salina
12.03.21 Domesticated Vector sequencing: missing 150 bp MoClo Lab
15.03.21 Meeting our first Sponsor - Labfolder Jonas, Tabea, Julia
29.03.21 Release of own website
25.03.21 Meetup with Bonn Julia, Bastian, Annika, Alex, Paul
26.03.21 Meeting GenScript Sponsoring Julia, Salina, Bastian
26.03.21 Ohio State Meetup international Tabea, Salina, Julia
29.03.21 Meetup Carl Roth sponsoring Julia, Tabea, Benjamin

April '21

When What Who
15.04.21 Meeting Bonn – Science Slam & German Meetup Alex, Julia, Annika, Bastian
26.04.21 First episode of our Podcast "Genomgenommen" Benjamin, Nicolas
28.04.21 Meeting Heidolph Instruments Julia, Tabea, Benjamin
28.04.21 First L1 MoClo L1_SAP_RBD_Strep8His & L1_3xHA_RBD_Strep8His
29.04.21 Meeting Bonn Julia, Bastian, Alex, Annika

May '21

When What Who
03.05.21 First test digest of L1_3xHA_RBD_Strep8His (looking good)
04.05.21. Meeting Bonn Science Slam Alex, Annika, Julia, Bastian
05.05.21 Meeting Merck Tabea, Paul
07.05.21 Meeting Bonn German Meetup Annika, Tabea, Julia, Alex
11.05.21 First transfection of Leishmania Benjamin, Katrin, Tabea + Luzia
12.05.21 Escape Room Meeting: Bonn/KL/Düsseldorf/Aachen Tabea, Jonas, Paul
14.05.21 German Meetup - Bonn & Kaiserslautern Members from both teams + guests
15.05.21 Opening weekend festival Team
16.05.21 Introduction stream Team
20.05.21 Blog entry Eurofins Julia, Nicolas
24.05.21 First WIKI meeting Team
26.05.21 First induction of leishmania with tetracycline Benjamin, Katrin, Tabea + Luzia

June '21

When What Who
04.06.21 Meeting Bonn + Test Stream with Slammers Slammers, Alex, Annika, Julia
08.06.21 Meeting Justin Mirus Vectorbuilder Nicolas, Julia, Justin, Justus, Anna Kiefer
09.06.21 Presentation at Junior University 65 kids, Bastian, Julia
15.06.21 School presentation – Bruchsal, St. Paulusheim Salina, Julia, Katrin
15.06.21 Meeting Bonn, Moderation Slam Julia, Alex
18.06.21 Science Slam Team + 180 viewers + Slammers
25.06.21 Teambuilding Bonn Kaiserslautern + Bonn

July '21

When What Who
06.07.21 School presentation - Saarbrücken, Deutsch-Französisches Gymnasium Salina, Tabea, Benjamin
07.07.21 School presentation - Kaiserslautern, Albert-Schweizer-Gymnasium Katrin, Tabea
08.07.21 Escape Room Meeting Aachen, Düsseldorf, Bonn, Kaiserslautern
12.07.21 Meetup Jena Bioscience Dr. Licht Team + Michael, Marcel, Anna, Justus, Luzia
15.07.21 Final domesticated vector - no base pairs missing
22.07.21 Promotion Video Team

August '21

When What Who
02.08.21 Fluorescence detection of colonies Katrin, Tabea, Benjamin, Anna
02.08.21 Test run protein purification Nicolas, Julia
07.08.21 Team Building Team + Justus + Luzia
12.08.21 Fluorescence spectrum of mCherry and different cultures Katrin, Tabea, Benjamin
15.08.21 Maastricht Vector–journal deadline Nicolas, Julia
11.08.21 Interview with Unispectrum live live Benjamin, Julia
23.08.21 Starting activity assay with ACE2 and RBD Salina + Anna Kiefer
27.08.21 Meeting Justin Mirus Justin, Nicolas, Julia, Justus
27.08.21 Meeting Andreas Licht Team + Andreas Licht + Michael, Justus, Anna
31.08.21 Escape Room Meeting Aachen, Bonn, Düsseldorf

September '21

When What Who
03.09.21 STEM fair – project presentation Julia, Salina, Tabea, Bastian
04.09.21 STEM fair: Biology lab for kids Katrin, Nicolas, Jonas, Benjamin
07.09.21 Vectorbuilder Special Seminar Team + Justin Mirus + colleagues
11.09.21 Paris MeetUp digital Team
13.09.21 First Western Blot showing RBD Tabea, Benjamin, Katrin

October '21

When What Who
04.10.21 Recording podcast with iGEM Nawi Graz Benjamin, Nicolas, Daniela
07.10.21 Meeting with Christian Janzen Team + Christian Janzen + PhD Student
18.10.21 Meeting with Matthias Mieves Salina, Julia
21.10.21 Wiki freeze Team
27.10.21 Presentation video Team

November '21

When What Who
05.11.21 Judging session Team