Team:Shanghai HS United/Team

Wet Lab

  • Yi Luo
    Hi guys, my name is Yi Luo, also known as Lauren. I'm from Shanghai, China and I am currently attending SRDS (saddle river day school) in New Jersey. I will be starting my senior year in September. I am a member of FlavoneLabRouse. The reason I joined iGEM and this team that would be a great opportunity for me to develop marketing and art skills. My goal for college is to study business and marketing. If you want to know me more on a personal basis, I enjoy painting and k-pop dancing. If you are in Shanghai, feel free to contact me if you are also interested in these two hobbies of mine.
  • Wenxuan Xiao
    Hello friends, my name is Wenxuan Xiao, but you can call me Bella. I am a member of Flavone Lab Rouse. I am currently studying at Viewpoint School in Calabasas, California. I have always been interested in biology, medicine development, and marketing. I really wish to pursue a career in these areas in the future. To achieve my dream career, my father introduced me iGEM to increase my knowledge on biological aspects and experience in experiment. I believe that joining iGEM will develop my biology skills, and it will also develop my marketing and social skills. I believe that not only will iGEM improve my academic knowledge in both biology and marketing, but also will help me develop as a person and improve my interaction skills and leadership.
  • Gary Su
    I'm Gary Su(Zixun Su), a member of team FlavoneLabRouse. I'm a 9th grader from Dalian American International School. I'm a quiet guy and enjoy studying biology, mathematic and coding. The reason I join iGEM competition was to fulfill my summer holiday and gain experience in doing biological experiments in a formal lab. My motto is: "Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way".
  • Sicheng Li
    I am Sicheng Li, and my English name is Johnson. I come from Changsha, Hunan, China. I am a member of the team FlavoneLabRouse. I am such an outgoing guy and I always play table tennis, basketball, and something. So that is why I am interested in Biology. I want to be a sports medicine doctor to prevent sports injuries, because many athletes and I are suffering from sports injuries. Participating in iGEM is a good way to promote myself and learn some knowledge about biology.
  • Jiawen Wang
    Hi, guys. My name is Jiawen Wang, but you can also call me Jessica. I am a member of the International Department of Quanzhou NO.5 High School. I always put my efforts and interests into biology, medicine, and physics. Also I hope I could major and work in one of these fields. In this competition, I'm a member of FlavoneLabRouse team. Joining iGEM, I can improve my ability in lab research and learn from some excellent peers.
  • Ruizhe Xie
    Hello, my name is Ruizhe Xie, you can also call me Ricky. I am studying in NO.8 Middle School in Henyan,Hunan. And I will go to Canada for my 13th Grade in September. Now I am a member of FavoneLabRouse team. The reason I take part in iGEM is that I'm very interested in biology, and I like to be a researcher in this field. I also think not only will I make a progress in the biological field, but also can improve my communication skills and teamwork skills through this opportunity.
  • Xinyang Li
    My name is Xinyang Li, and my nickname is Lisa. The one of members of the FlavoneLabRouse team. I study at The John Carroll School. My favorite sport is badminton. I like to travel with a Single-reflection Camera in my resting time. I also like archery. I worked with my friends to plan social fund-raising activities for poor schools in China, and now I am also following up the follow-up teaching projects of the school. In 9th and 10th grade, I study Biology and Chemistry because I have a lot of experience in dry team activities, I want to try wet team activities to breakthrough myself in iGEM. I think it's better to try to eliminate your weaknesses than to avoid your weaknesses.
  • Baoer Yuan
    I'm Baoer Yuan, a member of team FLR. You can also call me Amelia. I'm from Beijing 101 Middle School International Department. For learning, I like subjects of natural science, especially biology and physics. In my free time, I'd love to travel around the world and experience the different cultures and enjoy those marvelous sceneries of nature. I also have some hobbies like flute and frisbee, I'm always expecting to explore new things. I join iGEM because I want to explore the field of genetics in the future. In my life, I found that many people are suffering because of genes. For example, I love cats but I'm allergy to them, so I can't even get close to them. I hope to realize these wishes using the power of genes.
  • Ruizhe Liu
    Hi, everyone. My name is Ruizhe, Liu(Rachel) from Dalian, China, and studying at Dalian No.24 high school. I'm quick-witted, diplomatic and potential. I am interested in biochemistry and pathology. In order to improve my academic level, I attend iGEM 2021 and become a part of the team, FlavoneLabRouse. Besides study, table tennis and violin are my hobbies. I hope GEM will help me learn more about genetic therapy and biology, which are my future academic concentration in college.
  • Jingyao Wen
    Hi, my name is Jingyao Wen or Wesley. I am a member of team FLR. I love all my subjectS in my school. I used to stay USA for my freshman year, now I am in Beijing royal school for the rest of my high school time. The reason I enjoy staying iGem is I want to improve my social and biology skills. my home country is China, Xi'an. I think iGEM is the best choice for practice my leadership and teamwork skills. It's a good opportunity for me.
  • Zilong Wang
    Hi, my name is Zilong Wang and I am studying in Hengyang No. 8 high Schoo. I'm a member of FLR. Since I am very interested in biology, I will read some documentaries or books about biology. Apart from this, I also like to play badminton. I often play badminton with my friends in my spare time. To be honest, I am not particularly good at playing badminton, but I will not give up playing badminton just because others are better than me. A very important reason for participating in iGEM is that I want to improve my professional ability through this competition. I also hope to improve my social level in this competition
  • Zhongjun Sun
    Hi, my name is Zhongjun Sun, a sophomore student at Dalian American International School. Don't look at me as an introvert. I really like to study chemistry, biology, and mathematics by myself. As a member of our team FLR, I am honored to cooperate with my teammates to complete the experiment together. Also, I really enjoy the opportunity to do experiments, because I really enjoy the process of doing experiments and the joy of getting the results. The reason why I join IGEM, I am eager to have the experience of experiment competition.

Dry Lab

  • Caroline Niu
    Hi! My name is Jinglin Niu, and you can also call me Caroline. I am a senior two at Quanzhou No.5 high school. I enjoy reading, traveling, studying business, skateboarding, skiing, listening to music, and so on. I am a member of the dry team and engage in organizing, marketing, communicating with teammates, wiki content, purchasing, selling products, etc. I enjoy working with my colleagues. I always eagerly communicate with my teammates, so that I could be familiar with everyone's work. These can make sure that we keep pace and stick together to be a cohesive team. I believe that I am a good friend and can organize my teammates to achieve excellent work and make sure that everyone has a good time working as a team!
  • Tony Wang
    Hi, I am Tony(Zhuoer Wang), and I amfrom Beijing. I am 17 years old and study at Luhe international academy. I am interested in various fields, doing sports, learning about high-tech, and watching NBA games. Golden state warriors is my favorite NBA team, and Stephen Curry is my admired star in NBA. During the training process, I am a member of the dry team,taking charge of wiki communication, fundraising, and community service and through these experiences I learned how to cooperate with others. I may not be good leader, but for a group member, I will do my best to complete each task.
  • Comas Li
    Hi, my name is Comas Li(LI CHIN YU) and I am from Hong Kong, China. I am now studying at Hong Kong Yew Chung International School (HK YCIS SEC). Academically, I am interested in Business and Design. However, personally I enjoy playing basketball, golf, swinmming, and Chinese chess in my spare time. Fortunately, when I join to the IGem Dry team, I could experience some business planning and publicity work. At the same time, I could learn more biological knowledge. This is an unprecedented experience for me. I am also very honored to stay with my classmates to work, and to learn from each other how to operate this project. This is a very rare opportunity, and it is also a precious memory that has enriched my life experience significantly, which is guiding my way to the next journey of my life.
  • Susie Chen
    Hello everyone, I'm Susie Chen(Shanqi Chen) from Shanghai. I am a senior at Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School. In my daily life, I enjoy watching movies the most. Academically I have a strong interest in Business Management, Economy, and Biology. For the upcoming college application, I'm looking forward to studying management-related majors. That is why I am a member of the dry team and I'm mainly responsible for our Wechat official account, market research, and business plan. It is a great chance for me to take part in iGEM which helps me practice lots of skills like communication and cooperation that are essential for business majors. Also, participating in iGEM let me learn more about business-related knowledge and offered me opportunities to apply my previous knowledge to the project's marketing and business planning.
  • Rui Ma
    Hello! I am Rui Ma and I come from Shenzhen, China. I am a rising senior currently studying at the American School of Warsaw in Poland. I have a strong interest in Psychology: this is one of the reasons why I joined the dry team. I enjoy spending my spare time drawing, reading, and listening to music. My main role in the dry team is designing products and posters, but I also took part in the write-ups and other jobs. I hope to expand my experience in business managing and interacting with the public. I ardently look forward to the knowledge I should gain from IGEM.
  • Grace Dong
    Hi. I am Xiaoyu (Grace) Dong. I come from Shanghai and now I study in America. My school is Andrews Osborne Academy. I am interested in social science, so I chose to join the dry team of iGem. I designed the roll screen, poster, peripheral products, and final products. The best-selling cushion was one example of my designs. In addition to design, I also participated in social surveys, report records, and other work. I went to the street to interview the people and did the survey. I tried my best to recommend our subject, products, and our wiki. I studied a lot from these activities. I learned what flavonoids are and how beneficial they are for us. I actively put forward my ideas when designing products, for example, I suggested making drinks, such as vegetable juice or fruit juice. In the end, we finally made our product a drink according to my proposal.All in all, from the button of my heart I savor all those practices we have participated. It's interesting and has brought great experience to my life. I am confident in our accomplishment and hope our hard work would pay off.
  • Xinyi Gu
    Hi everyone! My name is Xinyi Gu, and my English name is Lily. I study at Admiral Farragut Academy, and my dream major is Economics. I am fond of sports, involving badminton, table tennis, swimming, as well as skiing, and archery. Truth be told, it is my first time taking part in iGEM,and it is my pleasure to be a member of FlavoneLabRouse. Besides, I have been devoting a lot of efforts to studying Biology for it is one of my favorite subjects. Speaking of my learning habits, I get used to gaining access to knowledge about almost any subject through reading. I have written dozens of posts for an official account of a charity organization before I joined our team. Hence, I sincerely hope that I can make a contribution to the project team and offer a helping hand to people in need ofour products. May we have a great time in Shanghai together!
  • Bobby Fan
    Hi! I am Bobby Fan(Minjie Fan), currently studying at Jiangsu Tianyi High school in Wuxi. As a generalist, I am in favor of a wide variety of subjects, such as Biology, Human Geography, Physics, Economics, and World Culture. Being a generalist offers me various opportunities to learn about different knowledge and sharp my observation capablity on virtually everything. Previously I spent most time doing my work independently, but after joining high school, I have been fully aware of the importance and spice of collaboration. Editing documents, engaging in the social interviews and advertising were challenging but it was them that improved my skill of communication, which I am grateful for. It is amazingly enjoyable to step out of my comfort zone.
  • Kai Lin Fan
    Hi everyone! My name is Kai Lin Fan. I'm from Guangzhou.I am keen on boxing and running in my daily life,which can both improve my endurance and strengthen my body. I am about to rise from grade two to grade three, facing the university entrance choices. And the major I am targeting at is Financial Accounting. I'm grateful to have an opportunity to partake in the IGEM before going to college and I choose the dry team to enrich my experience of business and finance practices. The business planning part of iGEM intrigues me most and I want to learn as much as possible to better my future studies and careers.