Team:Shanghai HS United/Collaborations


In order to help our team better improve our project, we had meet-ups with some 2021 iGEM teams to discuss our research direction, ways to maintain a cohesive team, where we could work together, and so on. The first team was ASeeker, the second one was EV71terminator.

ASeeker (Shanghai_United)

With ASeeker, we shared our ways of teamwork and effective interaction with the wet team. After our communication, we learned that they worked with the wet team in Tencent conference, an online office software, in the evening when the dry and wet team were working at different locations during the day. This was a great inspiration for us that our team members could also work together in this way after summer vacation when we can't gather together. They also learned from us that all team members working together in the hotel (where we all could collect) face to face would be an excellent way for brainstorming and producing efficiently. Besides, it was constructive for us that we noticed that each team member from ASeeker was responsible for a particular part of the bountiful document writing. One person would eventually organize everything together so all the document content would be coherent. We would also use this way of document writing in our further teamwork.

In addition, we talked about fundraising. The other team's peripheral products focused on the market of young people, designing cute bear toys and bracelets. One day, they had a bazaar indoors, and the other day at Changtai Square to sell the peripheral products. But they didn't raise enough money because there were not enough people at Changtai Square. So we recommended our bazaar location, Dimei Mall, to them, which proved to help them a lot with their fundraising.

EV71terminator (Shanghai_Metropolis)

We also had a meet-up with EV71terminator, another iGEM team from Shanghai. We perceived their conception of implementation for their final product (oral vaccine without refrigerated conservation). We also introduced our project and ideas to them, which they thought were very intriguing. So we talked about flavonoid’s current situation in the market and our final product, yogurt with FLR enzyme, for hours long. Our discussion with EV71terminator truly inspired us to consider further the safety aspects of our final product and the future promotion methods.

Ceres (Shanghai_Metro_HS)

Our team collaborated with Ceres (Shanghai_Metro_HS), a team from China. Since our team has already finished most of the content on our Wiki website, our team shared experience about fundraising, business plan design, and teamwork. Our experiences in designing and selling peripheral products are constructive. We also tell them about our business plan: yogurt of sale that helps the human body degrade flavonoids. We both agree that our analysis is practical by discussing the advantages and difficulties in their project and ours.