Team:Shanghai HS United/Fundraising

We raised funds from dry team and wet team projects, designed a series of merchandise, and carried out online and offline promotions and sales. We want to let more people know about flavonoids through offline charity sales. Our logo selected celery containing many flavonoids, and the experiment also decided on celery and modified Escherichia coli reaction to test the degradation rate of flavonoids. Our merchandise is around the style of the celery, and flavonoid structure to design, including mugs, bookmarks, stickers are structured around flavonoids to develop, key chain, badge, pillow with celery designed a cartoon as the theme, and the fan can be according to the needs of users from the custom.

To achieve better sales and consider the epidemic, we have promoted and sold online and offline, respectively.

We applied for the Micro store online, put all the products on the store shelves, and in the WeChat public account for publicity so that people can through the online form to buy. We also provide express delivery service so that even people who are not in Shanghai can buy. The members of the team also publicize themselves by Posting moments and micro-blogs.

We made a brochure and a rollup offline, which introduced the project and the team and added a QR code for the official account. We contacted many bazaar venues on various platforms, including Douban, Xiaohongshu, Weibo, and WeChat public accounts, and even looked for information on various booth rentals on, a recruitment website. However, the process was not smooth. In some places, the flow of people was small, some booths were too far away from each other, and some had no booths. We were even rejected many times. Offline and online sales in a different way, offline sale need to take the initiative to attract customers but also communicate with customers to sell. We lack this kind of experience, so a began to sell only a handful of custom fans, then we try and passers-by to propaganda team and the product in the market, finally our sales reached the RMB 1300 yuan.

In the process of charity sale, we applied for a micro shop for the first time and contacted booths through various platforms. Everyone got a lot of exercise, and learned how to communicate with customers, and how to think from the perspective of customers. In the process of the project, we have done a lot of publicity and promotion, whether it is the online micro store sales and the promotion of WeChat public account, or the offline charity sale, so that more people have a certain understanding of flavonoids and understand a lot of public opinions about our project, which is very helpful to the project.