Team:Shanghai HS United/Notebook


25th-26th We finalized our team members and elected the team leader, design the team name, logo, uniforms, and perimeters. We conducted laboratory safety training and brief schedule analysis.

28th We made culture medium and buffer A and B, and done the PCR amplification.

29th We did the plasmid conversion, spread bacterial colony, and shook Escherichia coli.

30th We collected the linear no-load vector, which was detected by gel electrophoresis and recovered by gel extraction kit.

31st We cultured and then centrifuged E. coli, to obtain the plasmid for further preservation.


1st We did the restriction enzyme digestion, prepared the gel for the gel electrophoresis, transformed the plasmid, and poured the plates.

2nd We did the inoculation, prepared LB culture media, and the protein induction.

3rd We purified the protein through Ni-chelating affinity chromatography.

19th-27th We conducted the function test to analyze the protein activity.