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Wet Lab

We are divided into three groups to make sure the experiment will not fail, and we will always have backups. In each group, there is a recorder who will record the process and steps of the experiment, two main experiment conductors doing the experiments as well as the group leader, making sure that everyone has a chance to do the experiment as well as making sure that the steps of the experiment are correct.

  • Group A consists of Jingyao Wen, Baoer Yuan, Ruizhe Xie, Yi Luo

  • Group B consists of Xinyang Li, Wenxuan Xiao, Ruizhe Liu, Zilong Wang

  • Group C consists of Zhongjun Sun, Zixun Su, Sicheng Li, Jiawen Wang

Group A

Jingyao Wen

Leader of group A, conducting the experiment. Jingyao also came up with the idea of dividing the team into three different groups so that everyone can have a more time opperating the experiment and there will be people recoriding the experiment.

Baoer Yuan

Mainly participating in experiments such as PCR, transformation, purifying protein. She also assisted experiment recording (when blending buffer) when other group member are not av kailable. When the lab was not available, she helped the markteting team design the key chains.

Ruizhe Xie

Participating and operating the experiments such as the making of PCR, agarose gel,plasmid extraction, glue recovery and other experiments. For all the times we were doing the experiments, he has always and focuses participating the experiment despite his part during experiments on that day. He also gives us constructive comments and feedback on the experiment we did every day to see where we can improve.

Yi Luo

Recording the process of the experiments as well as helping writing the wiki. Participated in experiments such as PCR, gel electrophoresis and others such as transformation and purifying protein. She also supported the marketing team when they are doing public speaking, selling our merches as well as the business plan.

Group B

Zilong Wang

Zilong Wang is one of the main operators of the experiment in Group B. Doing experimetns such as making the PCR, configure the Buffers used as well as the pH, Zilong also ran the agarose gel and did the bacterial trasformation. When the recorder of any group is not avilable, he is able to record detailed steps of the experiment.

Wenxuan Xiao

Recording the experiments to make sure that the proper quantity and steps are being recorded for further uses in writing the wiki. Wenxuan also helped and participated during the experiements such as the making of PCR as well as running gel elctrophoresis. Furthermore, she helped with the marketing team with public speaking as well as writing the canvas business model.

Xinyang Li

Leader of Group B, leading everyone throught the steps of the experiment as well as making sure that the people doing the experiment are following the lab rules. Xinyang also participated in most experiments such as the making of PCR, making and running of the agarose gel. She also helped in the making of presentations as well writing the experiment reports at the end of everyday.

Ruizhe Liu

Partipating and operating of the experiments such as the making of PCR, electrophoresis of the agarose gel, gel recovery, extraction of linear no-load plasmid as well as transformation of the bacteria. Ruizhe also particiapted and took part in the making as well as the presenting of the presentation on our report day at the end of the experiments.

Group C

Jiawen Wang

Recording the experiments to make sure that all the steps and the amount used are correct, as well as writing the wiki of the experiment report of that day. Furthermore, Jiawen also participates in numrous experiments such as gel electrophoresis and PCR.

Zixun Su

Actively participated in the PCR, protein purification, and gel electrophoresis. Made 8 out of 10 questions in the questionaire. Proposed the team name. Wrote the safety part of wiki with Wenxuan and other members such as Jiawen, writing part of the description part and translating all Chinese written lab records and procedure into English.

Zhongjun Sun

Actively participated in mixing the materials and monitoring to ensure everybody was doing the right thing. Participated in PCR, gel electrophoresis, bacterial transformation and other experiments. Wrote the Chinese version of the lab records and procedures. Also helping others while they are doing the experiments.

Sicheng Li

Strongly supported out daily experiment records. Sometimes he would rather choose to give up the chance of doing experiment to record the experimental data than doing the experiment. What's more, he helped the team leader and out instructor of the experiment team to negotiate with different teammate. He did not mind blaming himself to make everyone happy and united together.

Peripheral Product Design

Human Practices



Location Support

  • Lab: ATLATL Innovation and Development Center

  • Meeting Room: SubCat Academy

Presentation Video

Jinglin Niu, Jiawen Wang, Wenxuan Xiao, Zixun Su, Sicheng Li, Minjie Fan

Advisory Support

  • Dr. Tian: provided instructions in experiment design

  • Pro. Han: provided instructions and supervision in experiment operation

Human Practice Support

  • Ms. Zhong, foodstuff safety expert

  • Mr. Wen, PhD from Zhejiang University, a postdoctoral fellow from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a visiting scholar from the University of Birmingham, and an associate professor at Nanjing Normal University

  • Freshippo X Membership Center: provided a field trip

Collaborations with 2021 iGEM teams:

  • ASeeker (Shanghai_United)

  • EV71 Terminator (Shanghai_Metropolis)

  • Ceres (Shanghai_City_United)