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Business Canvas Model

Business Plan


FlavoneLabRouse noticed the underutilization of flavones---a compound existing in food that is beneficial to human health. Flavones can be degraded into different matter to serve different functions for people. However, most flavones are directed transformed into sugar to provide energy, which is a severe waste of useful materials. FLR is the first company that plans to develop probiotics, escherichia coli, that contain FLR genes which can transform into FLR enzyme that can ultimately degrade flavones into desaminotyrosine. Desaminotyrosine can then activate the immune system of the human body. FlavoneLabRouse plans to create a yogurt product that contains this kind of probiotics. We evaluated the possible advantages and limitations of our product. In addition, we developed a detailed business plan that records the steps we will take to release the product.

Company introduction

FlavoneLabRouse is a food company that mainly produces yogurt---yogurt with probiotics that help degrade flavones into DAT to help activate and strengthen the immune system of the human body. FlavoneLabRouse is the first company to invest in developing this kind of probiotics. This company has already collected enough fund to do research, produce the product, and sell it on the market.

Research Method

1. Questionnaire

At the beginning of our research, we designed distinguished questions to learn about general public understanding of flavonoid, daily nutritional consideration and their stance toward our possible product. The questionnaire includes an inquiry on age cohorts, which helps us focus on flavonoid intake and attitude toward related health products among various ages, offering us an opportunity to figure out a relationship between age and their situation and opinion.

2. Street interview

Apart from a written format of questionnaire, we also designed several brief questions, asking random stranger for answers to test social acceptance of the health product that helps facilitate flavonoid degrading and absorption. Instead of strict form of question and answer, the interviewees are guided to express their concern or expectation. Based on their inquiry of health product supervision, efficacy, and approval, we are also capable of understanding public usage of drugs and health care products as well as their interest in our research.

3. Physical Supermarket survey

Following the street interview, we conducted a field survey in hope of seeing market situation of health care products, fruit drinks, vegetable drinks that contain flavonoid as well as food arrangement that reflects nutritional influence, we conducted a field survey to Freshippo X membership center. Visiting the health product counter and vegetable sale area informed us that people are paying few attention to flavonoid. Health products that contain flavonoid receive no popularity. Despite of this disappointing fact, we were completely aware of importance of advertisement and unimaginable potential in this market.

Market Analysis

SWOT analysis

Competitor analysis

Up to now, some big brand companies that sell yogurt have an oligopoly of the market, like brightdairy Dairy Co., Ltd, Yili and Weiquan. Their yogurt products are popular and have affordable prices for the public which are highly competitive. These competitors have a relatively strong consumer loyalty and the selling quantity is great as well. Our yogurt product may have higher prices than these competitors due to the additional probiotics. However, the probiotics which help degrade flavones into DAT which can activate the immune system of the human body can be our unique selling point and makes us a strong competitor in the market.

In additional, medicines that help strengthen the immune system can be relatively expensive for people to afford. Besides, they are especially served for people with certain diseases, therefore having the effect that is too strong for people who only need to improve their immune system. Accordingly, we believe our yogurt can also be a big sell standing out of general medicines.

Execution(4p analysis)

Product: Our company is committed to using intestinal engineered probiotics to improve the degradation of flavonoid compounds homologous to food and medicine. And this probiotics we're going to add to the yogurt. Therefore, this product can play the original role of yogurt, but also achieve better degration of flavonoids, strengthening the immune system of the human body.Yogurt itself has some probiotics to help digestion, and after adding the results of our experiment, it can also enhance the degradation of flavonoids, so as to achieve anti-cancer, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects. And in our interview, most people said that if our experiment is successful and put into use safely, then they are willing to buy such products. And now people love yogurt is quite high, so our products have a very good prospect.

Packaging: The packaging we chose is Tetra Crown packaging. In this type of packaging, the body of paper can be printed photos as bright, vivid pattern, to enhance the appearance of the product appeal. Paper bottle can also realize recycling, keep up with the current environmental trends. Tetra crown of different besides paper bottle, also is that it USES the patent technology, to the world's fastest injection molding process will print the bottle and plastic bottleneck one-time realize perfect combination. Tetra cardboard sleeve with a variety of width and height of the crown, and equipped with all kinds of plastic openings, can repeatedly open and close, easy to dump, easy to use. The cap we chose is Eifel O38,it is a One-step screw cap, which means that it could be Repeatable opening and sealing, and the advantage for this is Quick opening, Easy to reclaims and Suitable for consumption in transit. In addition, the capacity that we want to make is 250ml.

Promotion: Through new media network publicity, establish a good image of the company among target consumer groups, guide investors to have a deeper understanding of our yogurt through interaction, and finally reach the intention of cooperation. And our choice of new media media has the following:

1. Similar to The Little Red Book and INSTAGRAM, we seek high-profile and influential bloggers to promote our products, so that the public can know about our products through their posts, articles or shares, so that they can buy or invest.

2. Through short video platforms like Tiktok, we can push our product advertisements to our target groups, or let video producers with many fans integrate our products into the videos, so that the public can better accept and be interested in our products.

Price: This product will be in the form of yogurt for the public, but as we have described before, it has more effects and also greater benefits for the human body. Therefore, it's price will be above the normal yogurt. A normal bottle of yogurt will cost around 5-12 RMB, while our yogurt will be priced between 8-12 RMB. This is not only because we invest in research and development of beneficial substances, but also because we spend a lot of time and effort on the packaging to make it special and attractive.

Place/Distribution: In order to cater different customer groups, we will launch this yogurt drink in both online and offline brick-and-mortar stores. Depending on each user's different lifestyle habits, different purchasing methods can make it more convenient for more people. For example, the majority of today's young people have the habit of shopping online, and the number of online users of household goods and snacks has been increasing in recent years. The online purchase channel allows them to buy enough yogurts for a week without leaving home. Offline brick-and-mortar stores (including supermarkets, convenience stores, etc.) may be more suitable for office workers (who need to buy breakfast in small stores as they go to work everyday) and the elderly.


Due to several limitations of our product, there must be measures taken to prevent incident happening. First of all, in our product we must ensure that the chemicals is not added excessively. Since we did not test for the consequences of over consuming, it is unsafe to use a large amount. Due to the same reason, it is also important for the company to notify its consumers that it is not recommended to drink too much of the yogurt, as the side effects are still unknown. Another risk factor is that since it is a yogurt product and consist of microrganism, the product's way of conservation is essential. Throughout transportation and conservation at home, we must ensure that people are aware that the product should be kept under refrgiration. On the package there should also be labeled that the shelf life is short. This way, the consumers can be aware that if the time is too long, they shouldn't consume the product.


Flavones are now still widely underutilized. Through our effort, flavones can be effectively degraded into DAT to activate and strengthen the immune system of the human body. We hope to give people a healthy state and a better life.

Fundraising Plan


Even though the presence of flavonoids is ubiquitous, people do not know about them, so we help them to understand through various ways, such as street interviews and publicity activities. And the protein we produce can help people who can't absorb or have difficulty absorbing flavonoids to better absorb it.


The first way of sponsorship we choose is Promotional Partnerships. For example, in TikTok, we seek high-profile and influential bloggers to promote our products, so that the public can know about our products through their videos, then people or firm will be attracted to invested. The other way is after going public, we can finance and refinance, which has a multiplier effect on capital.


Compared to other lactic acid products, ours also AIDS in the digestion of flavonoids, thus achieving anti-cancer, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects. In other words, it has more benefits than similar products. The other thing is that while all people can absorb flavonoids, each person has a different ability to do so, and the protein that we produce when we add it to lactic acid bacteria helps all people increase their ability to absorb them. In addition, our company does not take profit as the main purpose. Our price is not high and our price is not high. It is more for improving people's life quality or enabling them to have better physical conditions.

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