Team:Saint Joseph/Team



Belfu Berkol

Hi! I am Belfu. I am 15 years old. I am from the lab team. This was my first year at IGEM. I love working in the lab. I have another project where I produce a capsule from pumpkin. I started my project when I was 11 so, I have been working in the lab since then. Also, I have my social entrepreneurship called “İhtiyaç Kutum” which works with entrepreneurship and social responsibility. Back to IGEM, IGEM was a great experience for me. It had been a proof that local people can solve local problems!

Tuna Kelleci

My name is Tuna and I’m a 9th grader in Private Saint Joseph French High School. This is my first experience with iGEM and I think I gained so much during this event. I want to become an engineer and I think IGEM helped me so much because I learned teamwork and I improved my English language skills. I participate in human practice so I developed my talking and advertising skills and made some collaborations with other teams which led me to be more talkative. Thank you IGEM for making a positive impact on my interest and making me more innovative.

Can Bora Ciner

Hi, I am Bora, currently a sophomore at Saint Joseph High. Like everybody else in the team, I find it difficult to study in french. But it isn’t really an obstacle for me to be interested in some courses, especially like biology. As for the future, I want to be a genetic engineer or a bioinformatician (probably bioinformaticien). But I will certainly pursue biology. iGEM has changed my career goals and improved my skills. It also increased my daily cafein levels. I really learnt about teamwork and about due dates. (Especially about due dates)

Sevan Dağlıyan

Hi, I'm a sophmore student in İstanbul Saint Joseph French High School. I’m in a French high school but I don't like French at all because it has so many rules. I’m proud of my school by the way. I gained so much from this school, especially IGEM. When I saw IGEM in the club list I had thought that it would be a great opportunity for me. Since 5th grade I have had a great interest in chemistry and genetics. They were my reasons to go to school and study. After entering IGEM my aim was to be in the lab team. In the beginning I thought it would be easy, but I was wrong. With IGEM I learned being innovative and working with a team.Thank you IGEM.

Nehir Taşkaynatan

I’m a high school student at Saint-Joseph which is a French school. That means I take most of my lessons in French, including biology. Even though this little obstacle on my way to love biology, French is just too hard, I really like biology and I want to do a job concerning biology in the future. That’s so the reason why I wanted to participate in IGEM. I really like doing the lab stuff, that feels like a game rather than a job. So this experience was one of the best things i have made in the past few years, because it is like a guideline for and I am sure I will have genetic involved in my future job.

Nil Koç

Hi there, I am Nil. I am currently a senior at Saint-Joseph Highschool. I mostly keep to myself but in our team I enjoyed being in the human practices. I first wanted to enter IGEM cause I like science, researching and learning about new things. I already loved biology but I had the opportunity to dive further into synthetic biology thanks to this competition, which I'm grateful for and in the future I want to become a researcher and an academician.

Faruk Efe Yencilek

Hi, I’m Faruk Efe Yencilek. I’m an IT responsible for the team and aim to be a computer scientist when I grow up. The main reason why I chose iGEM is that it provides participants with a multi-disciplinary environment, not to mention that it teaches tolerance, responsibility, and coordination with team members. I’m currently studying in Canada as a boarding student in Lakefield College School, so I work remotely on the project. As a team, we hope to excel in iGEM 2021 with Cellulophile.

Bahar Aylin Eryılmaz

I am part of the human practice team and I aspire to be involved in the bioinformatics, genomics, synthetic biology, and drug discovery areas. I enjoy researching molecular biology areas; therefore, it would be a perfect occasion for me to join the iGEM club of my school as I realized that the iGEM competition aims to foster curiosity, promote students to do research, and embrace a transdisciplinary approach.

Pınar Ece Özgül

Hi! My name is Pınar Ece Özgül. I am a senior at the Saint Joseph Private French High School, a little speck of France in Turkey. Here, I wasn't just able to learn French, I also was given one of the best opportunities I could find in a high school: IGEM. With IGEM I was able to explore the intertwined worlds of biology and technology and learn how to do scientific research and experiments as I had always dreamed of when I was a kid. Furthermore, since I have been the team leader for the last three years, I was able to unveil and develop my leadership skills as the team leader and get together with other science lovers. In addition, I was able to satisfy my hunger for knowledge and put my innovation, creativity, and problem-solving skills to the test. This year is my fourth and sadly my last year of IGEM in high school, but for me, that doesn’t mean I am done with IGEM. I can’t wait to join or start an IGEM team at university.