Team:Saint Joseph/Collaborations



The Reason Why

As a team, we are greateful for the opportunity to be part of the iGEM; therefore, we have created a competition to share a video that the teams will yield their interest in iGEM by introducing themselves and their team, stating the reason to participate, and sharing their favorite experience/part of the iGEM. Here are the videos we gathered:


Collaborations Participated


We made several meetups and shared updates about our projects while supporting each other. In addition to making research on vitamin B12 to support additional information for their project, we attended modelling and scientific research lessons given by Istanbul_Tech.


Being a team that created a project that appeals to several SDGs, we collaborated with TAS_Taipei by creating a survey about water pollution and the lack of water the world will be facing. joining an online session to share our projects. We have done the task of Aachen, which they asked us what we would like to store in DNA.


We have submitted questions on gene expression & regulation, cell communication and cell cycles, cellular energetics, heredity, biotechnology, and previous experiments on biology.


The NU_Kazakhstan team has sent their poster about SynBio and their project to our team. Being enthusiastic about educating the public about synthetic biology, we have translated the posters to our native language.


We have designed a postcard that described our project and sent them printed copies of it. After seeing the other postcards we were so fascinated by other artwork and project ideas


We have participated in MTU-CORK's Martina Book collaboration. We had fun participating in, also their goal was to improve scientfic outreach and communication in a fun way :)

You can find their book here. Can you guess which one is ours? Hint: It has our project logo.


We have participated in Korea_HS's quarantine-themed Instagram project. With this, other teams and us could access other team's projects and their contacts way easily!