Team:Saint Joseph/Attributions




Every member of ours has contributed on each side of our project but members were contributing mainly on:

  • Pınar Ece Özgül: Student Leader
  • Bahar Aylin Eryılmaz: Human Practices, Collaborations, Editing & Translating & Proof Reading Documents
  • Nil Koç: Human Practices, Collaborations, Editing & Translating Documents
  • Can Bora Ciner: IT, Wiki Design, Research, Collaborations, Human Practices
  • Sevan Dağlıyan: Wet Lab, Research
  • Faruk Efe Yencilek: Research, IT, Collaborations
  • Nehir Taşkaynatan: Wet Lab, Research
  • Belfu Berkol: Wet Lab, Human Practices
  • Tuna Kelleci: Human Practices, Collaborations

GeneOn Biotech

We want to thank GeneOn for assisting us with the laboratory equipment and for technical support.:

  • Begüm Esra Aytan (Instructor): Genetic Engineer and Founder of GeneOn Biotechnologies, taught the team members all about synthetic biology (overall 16 hours to be precise) , assisted in lab work and supervised it.
  • Gizem Elmalı (Advisor): Genetic Engineer and Research And Development Scientist of GeneOn Biotechnologies, supervised lab work and taught the members how to use online synthetic biology tools like Benchling and etc.

Our Institution

We want to thank our institution (Lycée Saint-Joseph) for the financial aid and for providing us with the laboratory.

  • Handan Kesim (PI): a Biology Teacher at Saint-Joseph Highschool, led us through our whole project and helped us in every point.
  • Paul Yves Georges: Principle at Saint-Joseph, supported and funded most of the project and gave us the opportunity to participate in iGEM this year.


We also want to thank these specific individuals/institutions/corporations for helping us with our project:

  • Volkan Oğuz: English Teacher at Saint-Joseph, helped us proof read our documents
  • Müjdat Kalkan: Headteacher of Veysel Vardal School For The Visually Impaired, allowed us to visit their school and to teach the 8th graders about biology and genetics.
  • ISKI (Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration): allowed us to visit a department of theirs and to tell about our project, also provided information about how current wastewater treatment plants work.
  • Kılıç Aslan Kılınç: A Science Teacher at Private ALEV Schools, allowed us to visit their school, to teach the 5th and 6th graders about biology and genetics and to make the students play our game that we created to introduce our project.
  • Can Berkol: Web Developer, gave us a crash course about web development.
  • Uludağ Beverage: financially helped us with the project.
  • sdays Textile: produced our sweatshirt uniforms.