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Café Bio logo, a cup of coffee with a DNA on top of it

Our team has inspired a lot. With the biology department of our institution we have organized periodic events called “Café Bio”. In these events we invited people earning their living by biology and we asked them to present their own expertise in biology. Café Bio was an important part of our journey because we succeeded in inspiring people who are interested in biology and we showed them people who are versed in different fields of biology.
The main reason we wanted to organize this event is because we thought that biology was not only like what was mentioned in the books. Here are the some of the invitees that came to Café Bio

Steve Pascolo

Steve Pascolo is the Co-founder of CureVac. He had done the implementation of worldwide first GMP production of mRNA. He graduated from the University of Zürich and is now an immunologist. He touched upon the topic: “Potential of the mRNA vaccines.”

Gaye Sağınç

Gaye Sağınç studied bioengineering at Yeditepe University and now works as a researcher at the Imperial College of London. She described a covid research on epital cells in veins and also explained her career and gave advice to the participants.

Fanny Odet-Radvay

Fanny Odet-Radvay as a part of L’école Biologie-Biotech -l’ESTBB- de l’Université Catholique de Lyon, introduced her school to the interested participants and explained the biology, synbio and biotechnology programs and courses given at their university.