Team:Saint Joseph/Inclusivity



Inclusion is a responsibility for every human being in a world where there are people with less opportunities just for being born in a certain environment or with traits that are considered different by others. We strongly believe that regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation and physical capability, knowledge should be equally accessible to everyone.

3 people holding hands

Figure 1: 3 people are happy and peaceful to eachother which is an act that humans couldn't do for centuries.

That is why we wanted to introduce the world of IGEM to the students of Veysel Vardal School of the Visually Impaired and present them our project. For instance, we hoped, with our presentation about the current applications and the future of synthetic biology, to spark their curiosity. In our presentation, we wanted to make the subject tangible for them and thus, we used 3D DNA models just made for visually impaired students. This way, they could feel its helical structure and picture it better in their minds.