Science Popularization

Urban Villages

The Love of "Kissed by Light"

Figure 1. Invited expert Wu Jie to conduct offline lecture for us on July 26, 2021
How do we get everyone into science?
It is the original intention and mission of our team's inclusivity module to enable everyone to open the door of science. Better carry out the activities of this module, teacher Wu Jie gave us offline guidance to let us know "move ourselves first and then others." Therefore, adhering to the purpose of "respecting others first", we always remember our original intention and mission. How can we make more and more people understand synthetic biology? How to make more people from other fields join our project? For these problems, we divided the activities into four parts: gender, science popularization, urban villages and the love of “Kissed by Light”.
Sexism happens from time to time in most areas. Do only men have the key to open the door of science?
Figure 2. Team members
Figure 3. PIs
Obviously not. We analyzed the gender ratio of our team members. The gender ratio of our team members is 11:3, including 11 women and 3 men; The sex ratio of our PIs is 1:1; Our instructor is also a woman. In addition, our team found that most of the participants were women.
Today, there are 7111 languages in the world and this number is still changing. China is a multi-ethnic and multilingual country with 56 nationalities and more than 80 languages. The impact of the language differences on our understanding of knowledge and the world should not be underestimated. Our team does not want language to become an obstacle to people's move towards science. Therefore, our team cooperated with all our partners and begged them to provide us with the local accent, so that we could gather into a new book, "audiobook".
Figure 4. Picture book cover
Henan Anyang
Shaanxi Guanzhong
Shandong Heze
Tangshan Laoting
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Figure 5. Audiobooks influence zone
We have produced audiobooks in 12 languages, including English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Chaoshan, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Northeast, Henan Anyang, Shaanxi Guanzhong, Shandong Heze, Tangshan Laoting, Sichuan.These books are not only convenient for ordinary readers, especially for the visually impaired. It brings great convenience to understand our project and synthetic biology. Multilingual audiobooks make our audience countless in other countries in Europe, Africa, North America and South America except people all over China. Of course, there is still room for improvement in this part. The number of languages we collect is only the tip of the iceberg of the total number of global languages. Therefore, we will continue to collect local dialects and do our best to let the voices belonging to all parts of the world enter the scientific world in the future.
Science as Art
There will be an artistic atmosphere in the development of science, and the elements of science will be incorporated in the development of art. Therefore, our team combined science and art and organized a series of activities.
Fluorescent Protein DIY
Figure 6. Organize fluorescent protein DIY activity in the school laboratory on May 11, 2021
Figure 7. Results of the fluorescent protein DIY activity held in the school laboratory on May 11, 2021
We convened more than 80 non-biological college students for fluorescent protein DIY activities, to participate on May 8, May 11, and May 13. They followed the steps we had taught and drew their favorite patterns on the medium. We believed they have gained a lot of knowledge. We found that this group of people were very interested in synthetic biology and we will definitely continue to use these activities in the future.
Urban Villages (Biology Popularization)
Figure 8. Representative maps of the urban villages
Urban villages refer to residential areas that lag behind the pace of development of the times, are separated from modern urban management, and with low living standards in the process of rapid urban development.

The residents in the urban villages generally have low economic income, low cultural quality, large population density, narrow living space and poor living environment. The phenomenon of random erection of various wires, random charging of electric bicycles, abandonment of stacked furniture and other combustibles is serious. With great potential fire hazards, but residents' awareness of prevention is weak. According to the interview with firefighters at Xili Fire Station, the probability of fire in urban villages is much higher than that in other urban residential areas. As an economically developed area, there are still many urban villages in Shenzhen due to historical reasons. These urban villages are inhabited by a large number of migrant workers and builders.

There are many residents and young people in urban villages, and many children travel from their homes in the countryside to the city during the winter and summer vacations to reunite with their parents who work here. Therefore, our team decided to carry out educational activities for young people in urban villages, popularize science and synthetic biology, and raise young people's awareness of fire and burn prevention, hoping that they will bring them back to their hometown and pass it on to more people.
Teaching in Urban Villages as Volunteers
By focusing on the growth and education of migrant children in the Pearl River Delta, we continuously provide high-quality companionship and educational activities for migrant children. While making up for the lack of family companionship of migrant children, we help them integrate into the community and stimulate their learning interest and learning motivation, and support them to be warm-hearted and powerful. At the same time, we stimulate their interest and motivation in learning science, biology and synthetic biology.
Figure 9. One of the city support teaching photos
In the same city, children of the same age receive different levels of education. Our team turned our attention to children in urban villages. During the summer vacation, we gathered 70 children from urban villages to carry out urban education support activities. The feedback we got after the event: Not only the children, but their parents knew well about our project.
Synthetic Biology Picture Book Presentation
Figure 10. Went to the urban villages for a picture book presentation on August 8, 2021
In order to better carry out synthetic biology and popularize it for children in urban villages, we made use of the picture book made by our team. Look at the photo! The children are listening carefully. We found that these children's English level was much lower than that of the children in the city center during the presentation.
English Class of Synthetic Biology
Figure 11. Carried out English classes in urban villages on August 12,2021
Figure 12. Played synthetic biology playing cards with children on August 12, 2021
After discovering that the children in the urban villages have low English proficiency, we taught them synthetic biology in English. What's more, we used our self-made English version of synthetic biology playing cards to popularize synthetic biology for children. Even if their pronunciation is not very accurate, we could still feel their passion for synthetic biology.
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Art Design of Synthetic Biology
Figure 13. Made a drawing on a paper plate with the children in the urban villages on August 14, 2021
In order to let the children in the urban villages have a deeper understanding of the bacteria in life, our team worked with the children to draw the "bacteria in our hands". We can see that children's cognition of bacteria has reached a higher level from the works in the picture.
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Figure 14. Used cartoon paper-cutting to tell stories for children in urban villages on August 23, 2021
Figure 15. Made cartoon paper-cutting process from August 15 to 20, 2021
The art of paper-cutting is one of the traditional cultures of the Chinese nation. We used this art to perform a paper-cutting play of "Little Biology" for children. Tell the children how cells divide, how bacteria multiply, how viruses infect cells, etc... Later, children could already tell in their own words! We believed that this "play" should be seen by more children in backward areas or people in the non-biological field, so we recorded the play as a video and posted it on social platforms.
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Handmade of Synthetic Biology
Figure 16. Taught children in the urban villages to fold DNA on August 25, 2021
We use the theory of genetic control of traits to popularize "why our appearance characteristics are similar to those of our parents" for children in urban villages. Genes are effectively inherited DNA fragments, so we taught children to fold DNA. We found that children were very interested in DNA. After we finished the course of the day, many parents came to us and asked: Is there a DNA folding tutorial? We also want to learn.
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Game Play of Synthetic Biology
Figure 17. Played jigsaw puzzles of synthetic biology with children on August 27, 2021
In order to increase the interestingness we made puzzles and playing cards related to synthetic biology for children in urban villages. Children have fun while learning biology in this process.
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The Knowledge of Synthetic Biology and Fire Prevention
Figure 18. Preached knowledge about burn prevention in urban villages in Guangzhou on July 13, 2021
Figure 19. Had jigsaw presentation in Xiamen on July 13, 2021
Figure 20. Played a video on burn knowledge in Chaoshan on July 13, 2021
We took use of summer vacation to preach our project and knowledge of synthetic biology to the elderly in our family and the people in the non-biological fields around us. During this period, we found that many elderly people were wrong in their first treatment after burns. We realized that the elderly is one of the most important targets for us. But just the elderly around us is not enough. We will go to a place where there are more elderly people and popularize this kind of knowledge for them in the future.
Summary of the Urban Villages Module
In addition to the above six parts, we also let the children from the urban villages walk into our project. In the process of making videos related to synthetic biology and other work, they embarked on a path that they had never taken before. They helped us dubbing, crafting... They let the world hear their voices through our platform. We found that the children were looking forward to our coming. According to the feedback of parents, children were waiting for the release of our courses every day, but we knew that it was not enough to preach synthetic biology in one urban village. In the future, we will continue to go to other regions and pave the way for children in urban villages to learn science and synthetic biology.

Certainly, there is a lot of advocacy and popular science that we have done on the team's social platform with regard to fire prevention and burn prevention.
The Love of "Kissed by Light"
Figure 21. Synthetic biology playing cards
Figure 22. SZPT project element keychains
In our researches, we found that the treatment costs for various types of severe burns range from 5w to 80w. This makes it difficult for many burn victims to bear such financial burdens. After the guidance of teacher Wu Jie, our team agreed that "Charity Sale" is the best choice for "Good Business". Every burn patient should be paid attention to. The SZPT-CHINA-2021 team planed a charity sale in this year's competition. We prepared some donations by selling some keychains, clothes, hats, etc. with our project elements, and donated the raised funds to burn families.
Figure 23. Donated the money obtained from the theme to the burned family on October 9, 2021
We launched a charity sale with the theme of "The Love of Kissed by Light", bringing together little love and gathering great energy Through this charity sale, we have carried out in-depth reflection. We will continue doing this in the future and let the love of light kiss sway on the road of synthetic biology.