● Overview
We have prepared wireless optical control device that can remotely control the intensity and color of light, providing ideas and hardware for people using optogenetic methods.
● Optogenetics
Optogenetics, also known as photo-stimulated genetic engineering, is a precise control of biological physiology and behavior through optical and genetic techniques.

Two optogenetic systems are used in our project. One is a NIR light-responsive system whose function is to regulate c-di-GMP function to control BC film production (Figure 1).

The other is a blue light responsive system whose function is safety and drug release (Figure 2).

This year, our team designed a simple wireless optical control device to make an effort for optogenetics hardware.
Figure 1. C-di-GMP signaling and film production
Figure 2. Safety and drug release (cell lysis)
● Manufacture
Chip model: ESP8266, CP9102, circuit board, several blue and red lamps, several resistors, two sliding resistors, several wires, glue gun, welding gun, clip.
1. Simple circuit connection diagram
The rated voltage of the blue lamp is 3V. And the rated voltage of red lamp is 2V which needs to be partial by a resistor in series.
Figure 3. Circuit Diagram
EMQ X message server.
3.Wechat mini program
Using WebSocket to Interact with server.
Figure 4. Functional Execution Flow
Functional Execution Flow
1. The control mini program makes a WebSocket connection to the server and changes the "subject" value on the server.

2. The circuit board is connected with the power supply, and according to wifi name and password in the code written in advance to connect wifi.

3. The circuit board connects wifi successfully, initiates the connection with the server, continuously obtains the value of the corresponding theme of the server, and changes the on and off state of the light according to the value.

4. Use sliding rheostat to change brightness.
The steps
1. Building a server
Build an EMQ X messages server on the Linux server and test the function of server using mqttbox.

2. Making Wechat mini program
The front end system makes two switch components, and then uses JS and server to connect WebSocket to change the theme value.

3. Circuit board
Implement it according to the circuit diagram.