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" Education " is the process of teaching others to think with a tool, knowledge, which is also a giant challenge to us. In order to better to popularize synthetic biology for people of different ages and different educational levels, our team designed and carried out a series of activities, such as:

1. Designed children's picture book " Bacteria War "
2. Designed a series of " synthetic biology " jigsaw puzzles over / about students from primary to junior school
3. Carry out a special activity for college students--bring synthetic biology into the laboratory
4. Develop regular synthetic biology and science courses and live broadcasts for social workers on social media
5. Designed a special arrangement for the elderly--the companionship of synthetic biology
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(Preached knowledge about burn prevention in urban villages in Guangzhou on July 13, 2021) It is challenging to promote synthetic biology in different cities during COVID-19 pandemic, but our team do it. We make full use of our holidays to promote synthetic biology in our hometown.The elders know what picture books are and what is synthetic biology for the first time. They also like the biological stories we bring.

6. Provided unique education for non-professional groups--synthetic biology comes into daily life.
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Synthetic Biology Comes to Daily Life:
Fire is one of the main disasters among various kinds of disasters that most frequently and universally endangers the safety of the people and property. Almost all fires are accompanied by personal burns. The physical and psychological damage caused by burn is very huge and the treatment process is long and easy to cause infection. Therefore, we have carried out fire protection education as the first step for our synthetic biology to enter daily life.
Figue 1. Went to 366 street for fire drill on July 30, 2021
We devoted ourselves to the preaching of fire protection knowledge and more focused on the preaching of our project knowledge. We not only taught non-professionals how to prevent fires, but also taught them what to do to minimize the damage in case of burns? What is synthetic biology behind fire safety? This move was deeply loved by the local people and won unanimous praise. This is undoubtedly a first step to do a good job in education for us, because we have made synthetic biology come into daily life!
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"Skin League"
"Seeking common ground while reserving differences" has established a bridge of friendly exchanges for China and even the rest of the world. Therefore, we found that there were three teams included WHU & HUST & NUDT working on skin-related projects while our team was looking for partners. We established the "Skin League" organization after we discussed online and we jointly produced a brochure to promote our project which provided great convenience for popularizing skin related knowledge for all kinds of people.
Figure 2. Skin League "Group Photo"
Figure 3. A physical map of the brochure
Figure 4. Diagram of the process of the “skin league” using the brochure to preach
"Skin League" not only made our brochures into physical objects, but we also used these brochures to conduct our science popularization activities offline. Our four teams have carried out different levels of science popularization in their respective areas. We not only popularize science among college students around us, but also put our physical brochures in our school or nearby libraries so that we can more many people go to learn about our project, and increase everyone's interest and hobby in synthetic biology.
Figure 5. 2021-SZPT-CHINA brochure--Tips on Burned Skin
Figure 6. 2021 WHU-China brochure--Propionibacterium acnes
Figure 7. 2021 HUST2-China brochure--Tips for Acne Prevention and Treatment
Figure 8. 2021 NUDT_CHINA brochure--Light-Mediated Mammalian Cell Cycle Regulation
College students are a special group who are receiving basic higher education. They are the frontier groups of new technologies and new ideas in society, and senior professionals being cultivated by the state. College students represent the young and energetic people and are the pillars of social progress. Therefore, we took this special group as a key target and carried out a series of synthetic biology popularization activities.
Figure 9. Went to the university classroom for offline preaching on July 15, 2021
We gave offline lectures in the classroom for more than 70 college students during their spare time. We helped them understood our project, and conducted in-depth popularization of synthetic biology. We heard students expressing their ideas: Synthetic biology is so amazing! We believe this is the best feedback for us. After the lecture, we also received news from many students that they were curious about the experiment and wanted to have a try.
Synthetic Biology Walks into the Laboratory
Figure 10. Lead college students to experience the joy of synthetic biology in the laboratory from July 17 to 23, 2021
Many college students showed their expectations and hope that we will hold this activity more often since the fluorescent protein DIY activities done in the early stage were well received. Therefore, we decided to hold a week-long summer camp during the summer vacation to give non-biological students a better understanding of synthetic biology and biology, and actually experience the biological experiments. 14 college students were invited into the laboratory for this event due to the epidemic. We have also gained experience from the last event which made our event successful! We have prepared the schedule in advance and each experiment included experimental safety guidance, experimental principle explanation, experimental operation explanation, and so on, and carried out safety supervision throughout the process.
Product Experience
Figure 11. Took college students to experience our products on September 25, 2021
we came up with new ideas in order to allow college students to know our projects more appropriately. we organized an event deliberately so that students would no longer have the feeling that "synthetic biology was far away from them. Look! The joy they showed when they picked up our products, which is our biggest motivation for the next popularization. We hope that synthetic biology will come into daily life and bring more convenience to people in life.
Social Media
We synchronize the education work online in order to allow our education work to affect more people. In China, wechat official accounts are widely used by media and enterprises as a tool to increase publicity by sending daily articles to fans who follow the account. This year, SZPT-CHINA signed up for its own wechat public account and gained 508 followers. In the past eight months, SZPT-CHINA 's Wechat public account has posted 102 articles and gained more than 20000 pageviews. The content of articles includes team promotion, publicity for the project, popularization of synthetic biology, a summary of each activity and sharing of some excellent projects of iGEM competition in previous years, or programs for learning synthetic biology. At the same time, we also through major social media, such as WeChat, Bilibili, Twitter, etc., we have made a number of small videos for children and developed synthetic biology learning plans for social workers who are interested in synthetic biology. We also launched an online live broadcast at the same time.
Synthetic Biology Learning Program
Figure 12. The number of participants in each course of study
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We regularly published an article on synthetic biology through the WeChat official account and PPT. This provides great convenience for those who don’t have time to come to the site to learn. They can learn about synthetic biology anytime and anywhere. We could also gather everyone's questions in real time and give corresponding answers. We summarized some excellent iGEM projects and translated English information into Chinese, so that the Chinese public can more easily understand the information and further disseminate them. We could also gather everyone's questions in real time and give corresponding answers.
"Synthetic Biology in Life" Live Broadcast
Most people think that synthetic biology is a high-end term. But what exactly is synthetic biology? Is it really out of reach? What is the connection between synthetic biology and our lives? We launched a series of live broadcasts for non-biological college students, which were jointly organized by SZPT-CHINA & NWU-CHINA-A & TJU-CHINA & TJUSLS-CHINA. We mainly introduced the project and talked about synthetic biology relevant to our lives.
Figure 14. 2021 SZPT-CHINA live broadcast feedback pictures
I believe everyone is not unfamiliar when talk about medicine. It became mysterious when medicine is combined with synthetic biology. The live broadcast of 2021 SZPT-CHINA takes everyone into synthetic biology. We introduced in an interesting and easy-to-understand way to show how we used synthetic biology to improve bacterial genes, how we made chewing gum and yogurt into drugs, and how to improve coconuts as a burn dressing.
Figure 15. NWU-CHINA-A live picture
Indigo dyes must be familiar to everyone. As a popular color, indigo has a long history of development. In this issue of synthetic biology in daily life, we were based on NWU-CHINA-A's iGEM project this year to introduce everyone to the development process of indigo dyes and the concept of it.
Figure 16. TJU-CHINA live picture
Health is the most concerned issue for each of us. It was introduced the knowledge of in vivo delivery of biomacromolecule drugs and the advantages of the chromosome-free drug delivery model, and bring a brief introduction to CRISPR technology during the live broadcast based on the iGEM project in Tianjin this year.
Figure 17. TJUSLS-CHINA live picture
Garbage-where is it when we ignore or avoid it in our lives and when it is discarded by us. Where does it go? What can synthetic biology do? We were based on TJUSLS-CHINA's iGEM project this year to share ideas in the live broadcast room. In the world we discarded, maybe we are able to create a better life.
Letting synthetic biology comes into our lives and bringing convenience to our lives motivates us a lot in the process of education and synthetic biology popularization. It is very difficult for us, but the happiness and pride we get are priceless. We will be always on the way. We will insist on bringing synthetic biology into more people's daily lives! We believe that as long as we do it persistently, we will succeed.