Laboratory Safety

Safety is a very important aspect when working in a laboratory. For this purpose, our team is in full compliance with the safety and security rules of the iGEM competition.

Our team works in the safety level 1 lab, which is the lowest safety level and is sufficient for all our experiments. (Figure. 1) To develop a safer laboratory environment for team members, we classified reagents and drugs, put hazardous reagents into the special storage cabinet and marked them for warning. And we also periodically worked with our college’s safety committee to examine our facilities. Besides, we developed detailed laboratory rules to maintain a safe laboratory environment. See here for more details about our laboratory rules.

Figure. 1. SCU-China maintains a clean and safe laboratory environment.

Nianhui Zhang, the PI of our team, is responsible for the biosafety of our lab. He is very experienced in the safety management because of the 26 years' work. He come to the lab nearly every day to identity there is no risk. And also he always teaches us much knowledge about lab safety.

Figure. 2. SCU-China’s training about safety knowledge and experimental operation.


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