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This year, we want to develop Vibrio natriegens further and exploit its potential as a chassis. Our result will offer more information of Vibrio natriegens. Meanwhile, because we want to make more scientists pay attention to it, we need to realize their appeal of appropriate Chassis.

In the first step and also our prometaphase, we designed a questionnaire about which factors will influence the acceptance of a new Chassis. Social science majors and professional English teachers provided us with a lot of help in the design and translation of the questionnaire. Finally, by sending e-mails, questionnaires reached every corner of the world. The result shows that most of the interviewers focus on whether new Chassis could overcome the disadvantage of classic Chassis. As mentioned twice, V.natriegens can propagate in 7-10mins, which tackles the issue caused by slow-growing E.coli. This result inspired us to engineer Vibrio natriegens.

In fact, the execution of our project is also based on some actual issue in the lab. In July, with the arrival of the summer vacation, the experiment began to be carried out. With the progress of the experiment, many problems followed. We got in touch with professors and students in many fields, carried out various forms of communication activities, and got very useful suggestions in those activities.

During our in-field interview, we know that E.coli is easily attacked by phages during protein purification, causing the waste of resources, time, and labor. Fortunately, V.natriegens, is resistant to most of the phage appeared in our lab. What’s more, this also mentioned to us that an efficient V.natriegens-based protein purification process is meaningful.

What’s more, iGEM team Heidelberg mentioned that they also pay attention to whether the protocol of Vibrio natriegens is efficient. Their idea was beneficial and promoted the design of our project.

All in all, these suggestions make our experiments and projects perfect step by step.

The unstable development of the epidemic has brought many difficulties to our HUMAN PRACTICE, especially in education part. However, it has also inspired us to come up with many interesting forms of education. Through the Internet, we have contacted many schools in China. With the new form of recording online course, which was born under the epidemic situation of COVID-19, the knowledge and application of synthetic biology were popularized to many middle school students.

In early September, the domestic epidemic situation was effectively controlled, and offline educational activities were gradually carried out. We have carefully designed many different kinds of activities for different age groups, in order to popularize life science knowledge to all of them. Based on synthetic biology, we have designed different kinds of creative products and brought them to many campuses, sowing the seeds of "go to the laboratory" in the hearts of many middle school students and children. Our educational activities are still going on and will reach more and more farther places.

Here, we will review the whole process of our HUMAN PRACTICE via a short video.


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