Throughout the year, we involved the public with DOPL LOCK. We did this mostly through social media and our newsletter, but we have been featured in other places as well. We are grateful to everyone who engaged with our project by giving us a platform to get in touch with a broader audience.

BNR BNR Radio is a Dutch National radio station with roughly 472.000 weekly listeners. BNR Radio is targeted at the business sector. It has a science segment which follows scientific developments both domestically and abroad. They found out about our crowdfunding campaign and project and decided they would interview us. You can find the (Dutch) interview here.


The Leidsch Dagblad is the local newspaper for the city of Leiden. They also have an online blog where they post local news. We did an interview with them to show the people of Leiden what we are trying to achieve with our project. Unfortunately, there is only a Dutch version available.


The Mare is Leiden University's newspaper. They wrote an article about our project after doing a short interview with us. We used this opportunity to educate Leiden's student population on what iGEM is and explained our project.


Leiden University featured our project on their website. We used this opportunity to help our crowdfunding along by advertising for it to a broad audience. This helped us reach more people with our crowdfunding campaign and spread the word about our project.


Boerhaave is a science-history museum. Boerhaave won the European Museum of the year award for 2019. As we collaborated with them to organize a workshop on the 17th of October, they promoted our event on Facebook and their website, which was helpful in gaining more attendants.


The OVBSP (Ondernemersvereniging Bio Science Park) is the association of entrepreneurs for the Leiden Biosciencepark. They featured us on their website this year to help us find sponsors from corporate sources.


PLNT is an office space in Leiden that houses university spin-offs. It is also where we worked together on our project after our labtime had finished and we worked on our Wiki. PLNT helped us with our crowdfunding and public engagement by sharing our project with their wide network of young professionals, enterprises and stakeholders on various social media channels.


Unity is a regional news outlet from Leiden. All the news on Unity concerns local noteworthy events. This year, Unity wrote a post on their blog about iGEM Leiden. This was exciting, especially since we did not contact Unity to feature us on their social media, but they posted an article about us without having had contact. This lets us know that our outreach is larger than we expected.


Naturalis is the European Museum of the Year 2021 and we were lucky enough to host an event there. We organized a microbiology workshop in which multiple experiments could be done by visitors. For example, we gave a demonstration on how to extract DNA from strawberries and showed visitors different kinds of microbes. Because of this, Naturalis also featured us on their social media and website.