To raise money and awareness for our project, we started a crowdfunding. As a result of the support from the crowdfunding, we are able to afford more lab materials. Furthermore, we ran a lot of tests in order to test all the varieties of plasmids. Only with a lot of testing, it is highly likely that the plasmid with the highest biosafety and biocontainment system will be chosen. Performing all these experiments is very expensive. Our promotional video rallied people to donate to our cause. Additionally, our message was spread by different news outlets and ambassadors that shared the crowdfunding with their community. This outreach helped us reach a wide audience, which we are very grateful for! On this page you can see all the people who donated to our project. We would like to thank every one of them for their kind donations!

Crowdfunding video

Here you can see the promotional video for our crowdfunding.

Thanks a lot to BNR Radio, Boerhaave, EUniWell, Leidsch Dagblad, Leiden University, the Mare - Leiden University's weekly newspaper, OVBSP, PLNT and Unity who spread our message. Moreover, Hester Bijl, Dennis Claessen, Han de Winde, Nick van Dop, Nikki Spaansen, Robert Mans, and Robert Wagenveld acted as ambassadors for our cause and shared the crowdfunding with their community, which we are very grateful for.

Click here to view our crowdfunding page.