iGEM 2021 - Jianhua


Team members and tutors

Zhipeng Wang, the primary PI and biology teacher in our school, who teach us the basics of synthesis biology and gene transfer techniques, and who is in charge of the laboratory in the school.
Tianze Zhu, tutor, who is responsible for this team. He initially introduced iGEM to us and guided us in different phases of the process, including the promotion video, experiments, wiki construction and etc.
Xiaoxue Zhao and Fanmeng Zhang, advisor, who lead the experiment and teach us about the methods and techniques used to achieve the goal.
Jinzhou Wu: Student leader, who is in charge of promotion video, wiki construction and communication with other teams.
Jiongye Ren & Xintong Li: art design group, who are responsible for the writing of team members and attribution part. Draw graphs and design promotion leaflets or post cards.
Tangyue Gong: wiki construction group, is responsible for the writing of safety part
Mengfei Gu & Mingfei Hu: practice group, who are in charge of education and human practices. They carried out interviews and surveys.
Zimu Zhang & Manda: project group, who are responsible for engineering and implementation.
For more information about the team, please see Team Members.

Expert Who Supports Our Project

Jinyu Chen, associate professor from China Agriculture University Food Science and Nutrition Engineering Department, who accepted our interview and gave precious instructions and advices to us. For more information about the interview, go to Human Practice.

Friend Teams

Ulink-SIP, who is the partner team of us. They supported our project by providing experiment data, human practices records and wiki construction. We kept a close contact through out the process. For more information, please see Partnership.
BHSF and QHFZ, who attended the meet-up event with us, and support us with their advantages, as well as receiving supports in terms of modelling and wiki construction from us.
BNU-China, who offered us laboratory S.C cells, and carried out an education program with us.
For more information about the collaboration between us and BHSF, QHFZ and BNU-China, please see Collaboration.

Beijing Jianhua Experiment School, who offered venue and laboratory for our project.

iGEM Offical, who provide this great opportunity to put a project into practice, and to meet other outstanding teams.

And also thanks to other people who received our questionnaires, took part in surveys and supported our projects by attending educations, accepting interviews, as well as giving advices to us.