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About Our Team

We are a group of students from Hong Kong Joint-Secondary School iGEM team (HKJSS). Our team is formed by Po Leung Kuk Celine Ho Yam Tong College, Pentecostal School, Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School and Madam Lau Kam Lung Secondary School of MFBM. 28 students and 5 teachers have participated in this joint high school team.

About Our Schools

Po Leung Kuk Celine Ho Yam Tong College

Established in 2001, it was the thirteenth secondary school to open in Po Leung Kuk. We adhere to the mission and vision of Po Leung Kuk, and attach great importance to students’ balanced learning including moral, intellectual, physical, communal and aesthetic education, and nurture students to develop nobleness and a correct outlook of life. The mission is to enhance students’ interest in learning and unearth their potential by means of inspiration. Our school’s motto is love, respect, diligence and integrity; it is hoped that students can learn to respect and strive for excellence.

Pentecostal School

Pentecostal School was established in 1973 by Kowloon Pentecostal Church Ltd. Pentecostal school emphasizes to enhance career planning and multiple pathways and nurture students' self-directed abilities. The school implemented 'Career and Life Planning', different life planning activities both outside and inside classes are organized to enable students to gain a better understanding of the students themselves.

Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School

Dr. Tin Ka Ping founded the school in 1987. The School Motto is lucidly set out, and manifests consistently in the School's policies and ethos. One Sport One Art for One Student" Program encourages students to broaden their horizons by pursuing their interests in non-academic areas. The School environment is caring and supportive, fostering a close relationship among teachers and students.

Madam Lau Kam Lung Secondary School of MFBM

Madam Lau Kam Lung Secondary School of MFBM is the only aided Girls’ School using English as the Medium of Instruction in the western New Territories. It was founded with the help of the Miu Fat Buddhist Monastery and the generous donation of Madam Lau Kam Lung in 1973. The school has been nurturing women of excellence for generations after generations regardless of their backgrounds and origins by minimizing gender-weighted expectations and providing an inspirational environment for academic excellence. The students are guided to put the eight qualities into practice. They are confident, considerate, diligent, helpful, mannerly, perseverance, self-disciplined and responsible.

Based on Buddha's teaching of relief through mercy and compassion, the mission of the school is to implement educational programmes based on Buddhist principles. Thus, the school aims to cultivate the all-round development of students so that they can develop a positive attitude towards life and become active, responsible and contributing members of society.

Our Team Members

There are 28 members in our HKJSS iGEM team.

Po Leung Kuk Celine Ho Yam Tong College

There are 9 members from Po Leung Kuk Celine Ho Yam Tong College.

Ho Mei Ling

Ho Tsz Yin

Kwok Pui Lok

Kwong Lok Yee

Lu Sze Wan

Lui Wing Sum

Poon Hiu Wing

Tang Yu Sum

Tsoi Man Ham

Pentecostal School

There are 6 members from Pentecostal School.

Chan Yan Long

Do Chi Wang

Lai Hau Yin

Lau Chun Ting

Leung Chun Yan

Tang Chun Hang

Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School

There are 10 members from Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School.

Chan Cheuk Yin

Cheung Chi Ming

Chow Wai Kwan

Kan Tsz Kiu

Lau Nok Sum

Ng Ching Fung

Peng Wei Man

Tsang Tsz Ting

Wan Lok Yiu

Yu Hei Yin

Madam Lau Kam Lung Secondary School of MFBM

There are 3 members from Madam Lau Kam Lung Secondary School of MFBM.

Chen Hong Kwai


Yuen Pok Yin

Our Team Advisors and Instructors

Fan Kei Chu, Tim sir

Lau Pok, Paul sir

Wong Kwok Hei, Caleb sir

Miss Chan Wai Yee

Miss Wong Yan Yee