Team:Hong Kong JSS/Implementation

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Products: Detox-Spray and Afla-Stop

We aimed to make two products. One is an enzyme spray using purified enzyme extracted from GM E.coli. The end user for this product is the general public in areas showing aflatoxins contamination in food sources. Users can use this spray on potentially contaminated food 2-3 hours before consumption / cooking.

Another product will be a probiotic E.coli capable of secreting tvLac and FDR-A. It is designed to act as a post-harvest management of food crops to inhibit the growth of aflatoxins-producing molds through competition and reduce aflatoxins level by secreting tvLac and FDR-A to its surrounding. It can be added to food crops before storage.

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  1. Laccase does not have any identified risk to humans or the environment. However, concern still should be raised when recombinant proteins are used in food.
    → More tests should be done to confirm the addition of tvLac and FDR-A producing E. coli will not have any harmful effect on consumers. 

  2. Transformed E. coli may contain antibiotic resistance marker which may potentially transfer to other bacterial strains and cause antibiotic resistance.
    ​​​​​​​→ The real product should not use antibiotic resistance as a selection marker.