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Validating the testing kit

Testing kits results

Validating the effect of laccase

Result of laccase effect on aflatoxin B1

Shown by the result, the initial A. flavus extractions showed positive results by the AFB1 testing kits. In the +laccase setup, after two hours of incubation of 9 mL laccase solution + 1 mL AFB1 extract, two strips were shown on the testing paper which means that the AFB1 concentration has been decreased to a undetectable level while the control setup still shows positive result of AFB1.

Testing AFB1 in local food and spices

Food samples bought from local markets in Hong Kong
A: Black rice, B: Wheat, C: China Barley, D: Peanut, E: Red beans, F: Kidney Beans, G: Navy Bean, H: , I: Green Bean

Results from AFB1 Testing
From left to right: Results of Sample A to I

All the samples showed a negative result of AFB1. We were glad that food samples bought from the markets do not show signs of AFB contamination.

Spice samples bought from local markets and stores

Sample 4 and 5 were reported by The Consumer Council of Hong Kong in 2020 that they contain AFB1 contamination.

Results of AFB1 Testing in spices

All the samples showed a negative result of AFB1. It showed that after the Consumer Council’s report, the business has done corrections to improve their food safety standard.