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Team:Hong Kong JSS/Composite Part

Composite parts

In our project, we designed composite parts for the expression and secretory expression of our GOI - tvLac and FDR-A.

In the expression constructs, the coding sequence of our GOI is driven by T7 promoter (BBa_I719005), a lac operon (BBa_K3076802), strong RBS (BBa_K3076801), and a T7 terminator (BBa_K395601).

The GOI proteins are tagged with a 6-His Tag (CATCATCATCATCATCAT) for protein purification.

In the secretory constructs, either signal peptide DsbAss (BBa_K3746005) or NSP4 (BBa_K3746004) were added to the N-terminal for the protein secretion.

Please refer to the Part Registry for detailed information about the parts.( Part List)