Team:Brno Czech Republic/Contribution



This year our team decided to contribute to the iGEM community with a handbook on synthetic biology. We believe that this handbook will not only be beneficial to new iGEM teams, but will also expand the knowledge of those who already have some experience with synthetic biology. Synthetic biology is still a new and developing field and therefore can be difficult for newcomers to navigate. We hope that our handbook will help you to do just that.

Our handbook is definitely not a boring textbook. While some amount of theory is necessary to explain the basics, we have tried to include a lot of interesting facts, references to successful iGEM teams and practical tips that will help the competitors in designing their own project and going through the competitions.

Our Handbook includes the following chapters:

  • Synthetic Biology Introduction

  • Approaches in Synthetic Biology

  • BioBricks

  • Genetic Circuits

  • Engineered Organisms

  • Modelling of Chemical Processes

  • Protein Engineering

  • Pushing the Boundaries

As you can see, we cover all sorts of topics across synthetic biology in this handbook. Therefore, we hope that everyone will find something to enjoy and that this handbook will be a nice and useful guide for future iGEM teams.

The Synthetic Biology Handbook in PDF format can be found here.

These pictures give you a glimpse of what our handbook looks like.