Team:British Columbia/Achievements

UBC iGEM 2021


We won GOLD and were nominated for the Best Diagnostics research project!

Bronze #1 Competition Deliverables Wiki, Presentation Video, and Judging Form complete!
Bronze #2 Attributions We value the work our teammates put into the project. Find out how different individuals contributed on our Attributions page.
Bronze #3 Project Description Description
Bronze #4 Contribution Contributions
Silver #1 Engineering Success As a genetic engineering team, we iterate through the engineering design cycle at the scale of our experiments, our constructs, and our project as a whole. Head over to Engineering Success to read concrete examples of how these cycles were navigated during our project.
Silver #2 Collaboration Collaborations
Silver #3 Human Practices Integrated Human Practices
Silver #4 Proposed Implementation As with any medical or diagnostics project, considering downstream clinical implementation is extremely important to make sure our upstream work is logically sound. For this purpose, we consulted with clinical experts to determine the steps we would take to follow our project into the clinical market after wet-lab in vitro characterization. Head over to our Implementation page to read more about it.
Gold #1 Human Practices Integrated Human Practices
Gold #2 Project Modelling We complemented certain aspects of the wet-lab with dry-lab efforts. Despite the constraints of animal and mammalian cell use within our team, we were able to model the tumour microenvironment using software simulations, and used mathematical modelling to complement assay outputs from wet-lab. Visit our Modelling page to read more about it.
Gold #3 Partnership Partnership
Gold #4 Education & Communication Being in a field that is both gaining renowned appreciation due to the pandemic, and often controversy due to misconceptions about genetic engineering, we feel compelled to communicate our science to the general public and share our enthusiam with others. We have spearheaded several different initiatives that aim to educate audiences of varying ages, countries, socioeconomic backgrounds, and learning abilities, about the wonders of STEM. Additionally, we made sure to distribute these educational materials through a variety of different mediums including visual, written like a children’s book, video, and personalized workshops. All of these initiatives are documented on our Outreach page.
Gold #5 Excellence in Another Area To take our science communication a step further, we wrote a chapter of the book “Genomics and the Global Bioeconomy” focusing on how synthetic biology-based activities in iGEM empower young scientists to make meaningful contributions to the biotechnology industry. Visit Book Chapter to learn more.
Special Prize Human Practices Integrated Human Practices
Special Prize Education Education
Special Prize Project Modelling Modelling