Team:Beijing United/Team

Team Members

  • Shuoyang Wang
    I'm Wang Shuoyang, a Chinese citizen live in Beijing currently. You can call me Milka, and I'll be glad to hear it. I study 10th grade in RDFZ Xishan School, a miracle-like place. Electronic games, movies, music, social media, and all kinds of sports are what I like for entertainment. I want to be and will be an architect in near future. I work as a dry team number in our IGEM tasks and actually pretty enjoy it.
  • Yantong Chen
    Hi, my name is Cindy CHEN, I come from Beijing China. I study at Beijing World Youth Academy, I'm about to enter Grade 11. I like to play badminton, watch TV shows. While the thing I love the most is playing tabletop games and card games with my friends. I'm very interested in media, planning, typesetting, and making videos. In the future, I wanted to study media major and be a planner or producer. Therefore I joined the iGEM project in order to broaden my experience and improve my own ability.
  • Siwei Luo
    Hi everyone, my name is Siwei(Franky) Luo. I come from Beijing, China, I was born here and grow up here. I like to read some books and watching some TV series while I'm free. My academic interest is molecular biology and I'd like to study it as a major in university. This is also my reason for attending the IGEM competition. By the way, I also want to enlarge my social circle during this competition, I believe I could find a lot of people who have the same interests as I do.
  • Yuze Liu
    Hello everyone, I am Yuze Liu(Benjamin). I come from Beijing China. In my life, I use my free time to play basketball, I like sports, it can make me strong and healthy. What's more, my favorite subject is chemistry and biology. So I join this iGEM team, I want to comprehend biology knowledge, improve my laboratory skills and do the things of research. It can make me knowledgeable and experienced at the same time I want to make friends who have the same interests as me, and we can discuss the academic research. I will enjoy the competition.
  • Jiashu Xu
    Hi, my name is Jason Xu and I am from Beijing, China. I am an 11th grader studying at Dulwich College Beijing, my favorite subjects are biology and chemistry and I have taken this journey with IGEM to further my knowledge in these admittedly vast subjects. I am a member of the experiment team functioning as a lab technician, I and my teammates perform experiments in the lab to research our topic. I am fond of this role as I am able to perform experiments and keep in touch with the practical side of this program. I enjoy the working environment with everyone being supportive, helpful, and willing to work together as a team. I have learned a lot at this program and hope to learn more in this subject in the future.
  • Zhuoyu Wu
    Hey everyone, my name is ZhuoYu Wu, from Beijing Chang Ping and I'm an eleven grader right now, and besides biology, I'm also a big fan of the ultimate frisbee, and also some of my teammates also like this typical type of game, in the free time, we watch this type of game together and it makes us feel more like a team, and in this time's competition, I m in charge of the part of giving out ideas and helping others on the experiment. from all the professor's guides, I have learned a lot in this period.
  • Sitong Liu
    Hello, guys,my name is Liu sitong, I am 16years old now and study in the UK. I will study hard, but I also like some recreational activities so I usually like to assemble models、biology, and travel I have been to lots of places in China. In this activity, I spent most of my time doing experiments because I join the experimental team and buying the limited items of the team,Participated in a small part of the experiment note-taking. In this activity, I got to know a lot of experimental equipment and learned how to communicate with other people. I hope we can get a good result.
  • Birong Zhang
    What's up, everyone! My name is Zhang Birong from Beijing, I am a senior at Fairfield College Preparatory School, CT. I love biology and that's why I am participating in the IGEM competition. My favorite sport is PingPong and I always play with my friends. During the experiment, my role is to record the experiment process and data and analyze our experiment results. I'm looking forward to having more friends in BeerJet and I also hope that our team can have a strong result in the following competitions and do more great teamwork.
  • Xuewei Liu
    Hello everyone, my name is lucky. I am 16 years old and I am studying at the New Oriental National Bilingual School in Changing District, Beijing. My favorite subjects are biology and chemistry, so I came to iGEM with the spirit of learning. I hope I can learn a lot with my teammates and partners. We didn't know things before. During the break, I like to play Legos and watch movies to enrich my spare time. In life, I don't like going out, so I often cook some of my favorite cooking at home, such as baking some cakes or making some drinks, etc.
  • Hanzhu Guan
    Hello, my name is Guan Hanzhu, or you can call me Claire. I'm a high school student from Beijing Yuying middle school. In my spare time, I like reading, watching movies. Also, I'm fond of traveling, I spent a lot of time travel around the world before high school. I work as a dry team member in our iGEM tasks. I gained plenty of benefits from my iGEM experience. Hope my team can get good grades in the iGEM competition.
  • Jiao Chuqiao
    Hi everyone! I'm Venus from Beijing. I am currently studying at Beijing City International School in Grade 10. In academics, I like biology and psychology a lot, which are also my favorable major in my future University. My hobbies in my spare time are taking care of animals, listening to music, skiing and baking. Influenced by my parents and my personal hobby, I participate in many volunteer activities, including helping out the CORD, which stands for the Chinese Organization for Rare Disorders, I even have my own Official account on WeChat to educate people about Rare diseases. For our iGEM project team, I am a laboratory researcher in the wet team, but I also help out on the dry team as well. Our team and all the experiments we operated allows me to extend my knowledge and that will help me to go further in my future of studying biology. I really appreciate the works and time I spend with my Beer Jet team, and it's my honor to meet all my teammates.