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Members Attributions

Chuqiao Jiao

Attribution: I am the dry team leader, but I also observe the experiments and take notes about the process, reactions, and results. My job is mainly conducting collaborations with other teams, writing overviews and background information, and organizing the information we gathered from both wet team and dry team to produce them into videos and wiki articles.

Birong Zhang

Attribution: In the Beerjet team, I am the wet team leader, which is responsible for recording experimental data, interviewing experts, writing experimental tweets, and publishing WIKIs. When recording experimental data, I can understand the experiment at a more macro level, so I often help write some experimental reports and WIKI. I think that while recording the experimental data and analysis, I can also understand the principles behind the experiment more clearly and connect each step of the experiment to the subject of our experiment.

Shuoyang Wang

Attribution: As a dry team member and candidate leader, I was mainly responsible for main propaganda works, and producing articles on our Official WeChat website.

Hanzhu Guan

Attribution: I work as a dry team member in the iGEM task. My main jobs are writing articles for our team's Wechat public account used for promotion, hosting expert interviews and translated it into English. Moreover, I am also in charge of business plan and questionnaire production.

Yuze Liu

Attribution: As a wet team member, I was mainly responsible for the part of the PCR. Add reagents necessary for PCR. Also including DNA reagents with electrophoresis fluid, gum cutting and gel electrophoresis experiments. Basically, I am the experiment conductor in our group, and I recorded all my results to produce the experiment, result and notebook sections.

Siwei Luo

Attribution: I'm part of the experiment team, which is a wet team member. I mainly focus on the AGE(agarose gel electrophoresis) experiment and the PCR experiment. I am also an experiment conductor, working with other wet team teammates to produce experiment, notebook and result sections.

Yantong Chen

Attribution: In this project, I am in the dry team. I was mainly responsible for promotional work, operating WeChat public account, and organizing our team's activities such as interviews, bazaar and fundraising.

Sitong Liu

Attribution: Since I am in the wet team, in the experiment, I did experiments about PCR and AGE, take experiment notes for writing wiki articles. I also participated in some dry team work, like translating the interview records.

Xuewei Liu

Attribution: I'm in the wet team, and I'm in an experimental operator. Meanwhile, I also organized the communication section in the fundraising and the field trip we have for further studying.

Jiashu Xu

Attribution: I am a member of the wet team functioning as a lab technician, I and my teammates perform experiments in the lab to research our topic. I am fond of this role as I am able to perform experiments and keep in touch with the practical side of this program. I performed PCR, gel electrophoresis, sampling, and extracting DNA from Agarose gel after separating the DNA fragments using gel electrophoresis.

Zhuoyu Wu

Attribution: In the experiment, I completed some fundamental auxiliary tasks, I helped experiment team members do part of PCR and record some of their preliminary experiment data.

External Support

Lab support

  • “Boost to Create” Shared Lab in New Oriental Academy, Beijing

Instructor Support

  • Xiaoqian Li, Master in Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

Human Practice Support

  • Mr. Andong Zhang, Senior Manager, Risk Mangement, COSCO SHIPPING LEASING CO.,LTD

  • Dr. Wang, Ph.D in Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Lecturer of Henan University of Technology

  • Dr. Canhui Liu, Ph.D Candidate, University of Cambridge

  • Mr. Zhenfeng Su, Investment Manager, GoHigh Capital

  • Mr. Rongyu Ma, Leader of “Naptuner” (2020 iGEM team Xiamen_City) and Current Student at University of California, Berkeley


  • PecTeast (2021 iGEM team Xiamen_City)

  • Dr. Phage (2021 iGEM team Shanghai_United_HS)

  • Healers On Vessels (2021 iGEM team Shanghai_Metro_Utd)

  • ASeeker (2021 iGEM team Shanghai_United)

Special Thanks

  • New Oriental Academy, Beijing

  • Farm own by Beijing Capital Agribusiness Group