Team:Beijing United/Communication


A·Our communication mainly consists of publicity activities and presentation PPT,Introduction meeting,articles on public accounts, investigation documents and brochures, etc.

B.In the introduction meeting, we introduced our team cooperation and background research. First of all, our country is a large country with a large population, and we need to import food and scarce food,The wheat B starch extracted by us was in the form of waste before, which also caused a lot of pollution problems. But now we can make wheat B starch turn waste into treasure by rearranging and combining and removing protons, which can effectively improve the problem of food shortage in China,In the current epidemic situation, the wheat B starch developed by us can be extracted into alcohol, which can also help the prevention and control problems during the epidemic and effectively help the prevention and control of the family epidemic,And our new yeast can also help to compress the price, reduce the burden of people, can also increase the production of food, to protect the environment, reduce the waste of food, to help our country's development and the environment.

C.We increased the speed of alcohol formation by rewriting part of the yeast genes, because yeast needs monosaccharides to ferment, but starch is a polymer of sugar, which needs to be sorted first so that yeast can use it, and what is used for segmentation is Pentosanase. Instead of having to manually add Pentosanase to the alcohol-forming process, the modified yeast can produce Pentosanase on its own to break down the polymer of glucose in the starch and producmonosaccharides for fermentation. Therefore, the whole process of alcohol formation is accelerated, and the cost of artificial addition of Pentosanase is also compressed,It not only protects the environment, but also helps the economy and the crop industry.

D. Brochures:Brochure Our brochure has our contact information, our official account, qr code and the slogan: "New yeast gives more protection to the environment, gives the alcohol industry a new possibility" and team members, our team is mainly divided into wet team and dry team This paper introduces our team and research topic for scientific research and development by editing new yeast, and also introduces the project: under the epidemic situation, alcohol is a common thing in our life, such as medical alcohol, which is used for disinfection and virus prevention and control. It has also been added to many of the cosmetics and skincare products we use, as well as the alcoholic beverages we drink. So with the impact of the pandemic, the demand for alcohol has increased dramatically, and so has the cost.Also this page introduces the project goal, our main goal is not only to lower production costs and protect the environment, but also to improve the yield and reduce the waste of food.

E. Sale:After the fundraising, we held a charity sale on July 12. Our main supplies include self-designed hats, T-shirts, stickers, badges, umbrellas and masks, all of which are marked by our design. All of these have attracted the attention of customers in our charity sale, and made great progress in our charity sale project.

F:Public account article:We created our own public WeChat’s name on the web called Beer Jet, and the first article (Do you know what Yeast is?) First of all, we introduced our project: As early as in the primitive society, our ancestors began to drink alcohol, thousands of years later today, alcohol is still very important in people's life, in today's society, the use of alcohol is mainly divided into three categories; 75 percent medical alcohol for disinfection. Industrial alcohol used in industrial production and a glass of edible alcohol taken after meals,In 2019, 75 percent of China's medical alcohol output reached 70,000 tons. Under the influence of the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, the demand for 75 percent of medical alcohol has greatly increased, which is why we need to develop a new method to meet the market demand. The research topic of our team will focus on the development of fermentation of wheat B starch .In the process of ethanol production from wheat B starch, the development of yeast should be noticed. The main content of this experiment is to dissect yeast and extract DNA, and then implant the edited DNA into yeast to change its makeup.Then we also shared our experimental process and results on this public account platform, and also shared what we did in the laboratory, such as sharing our replication and amplification of gene fragments and gene sequence amplification, etc.After four times of publication, most people came to know about our experimental project, so that most people could understand and accept our project, which made our project a great success. Therefore, in the public account, we can introduce a lot of questions about our project to you, and our humorous language can make you in reading, not only can make you have knowledge, but also can make you start a happy journey in boring moments.

J: The questionnaire:Our research focuses on, in today's society people drinking and alcohol use, also for us the direction of the project research and development, so our questionnaire and distribution of all ages and stages of different, also added at the end of the survey, the public and some advice to our team's request, all these suggest that we reply one by one, Some suggestions were also adopted and referenced, and some questions raised by participants were discussed and answered. According to the questionnaire we introduced, most drinkers are around 30 to 40 years old, and most of them are men. In the feedback and questions, most people are concerned about the health problems of our project, for which we have conducted further research and made a significant answer to this question. Through the questionnaire, we also learned a lot about the public knowledge we needed and the solutions to the problems we encountered. Therefore, we achieved a lot in the process of the survey.

Conclusion: During this activity, we experienced a lot and understood the significance and development of the project. Through countless team cooperation, we successfully released new yeast and successfully used wheat B starch, and conducted a central test result in the social survey. Not only are we learning about how the population feels about the project, but we're also making a big step in the direction of our project success.

Finally, I would like to thank all our team members and teachers for their help, and also thank our teaching assistants for their guidance. Even when we are in trouble, our awareness is more precious than ever. Finally, I would like to thank all the hardworking people for this.


The End