Team:Beijing United/Partnership


Partnership Plan between BeerJet (Beijing_United) and IBD Distinguisher (NOFLS_YZ)

Just like us, IBD Distinguisher (NOFLS_YZ) is also comprised of students from a bilingual school operated by the New Oriental Group. To an extent, we are brother schools. Thus, we got an opportunity to make an in-depth collaboration together.

IBD Distinguisher has been focusing on developing a convenient method (biosensor) to help with diagnosing IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). We believe that the prospect of their project is optimistic, and beneficial for human beings. Thus, we consider whether it will be possible to collaborate with them to make the future application of our project healthier and more socially responsible.

After an in-depth discussion, we came up with the following possible future direction together:

1) Exploration of the feasibility about the combination of their IBD biosensor with our gene-edited yeast, or seeking potential methods to introduce their IBD biosensor in the future production of alcohol-based on gene-edited yeast;

2) Since the plan of their project may include biological treatment of IBD, we also consider adding the potential treatment to alcohol beverages (potential final products which may be produced by our techniques), which may make these beverages healthier.

3) In the future project commercialization of IBD Distinguisher, they consider the possibility of selling their final products, pills containing biosensors possibly, to drugstores, which may share similar distribution channels of alcohol beverages. Thus, we may expand some business expansion channels together.

Even though it is challenging to realize the above ideas, we consider it is wonderful to test them in the future. If one of them could come true, we will benefit our society.